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Become a Fat Burning Furnace

Losing weight is actually just math: Burn more calories than you eat.

Of course, it is never as easy as it sounds! To burn those calories you will need a lot of hard work, a lot of sweat and maybe even a few tears.

There are also factors that contribute to not losing weight, whether its a slower metabolism, or having a body that stubbornly will not keep the pounds off due to hormones - But the good news is that it is possible to speed up your metabolism and its also possible to change your hormonal balance. ie. Weight lifting increases your testosterone levels AND boosts your metabolism at the same time.

To help speed results along, here are 5 handy tips to rev weight loss results as safely and quickly as possible.

Five Fast Weight Loss Tips

1. Drink a lot of water

You have probably heard this one before but health experts cannot stress how important it is. Water will: Speed up metabolism, decrease water retention (it sounds backwards, but its true), lubricates joints (less injuries so you can keep exercising!), curbs appetite, and being hydrated keeps energy and attention levels at their peak.
For best results drink cold water. Cold water is actually calories negative. (Likewise cold showers burn calories at a rate of 700 to 900 calories per hour, depending on the coldness of the water and your body type.)

2. Eat Soup

Weird suggestion, but you will see why soon. When you are trying to eat light, salads just do not cut it. You can't eat like a bird every day. You will be hungry again in an hour! Soups are hydrating, low calorie, filled with veggies and can even be frozen and saved, to minimize cooking time and trying to figure out your next healthy meal.

3. Cardio = Weight Loss, Weight Lifting = Muscle Gain

Don't confuse cardio with weight lifting. Yes it is good to both, but cardio is more effective at burning fat whereas studies have shown that weight lifting is not effective at burning fat and really only builds muscle.
Make sure you are doing both cardio and weights, but try to do 70% cardio and 30% weight lifting if your goal is weight loss. Cardio will boost metabolism short term, quickly burn through stored carbohydrates and fat and its heart healthy. Weights will boost metabolism long term by building muscle. Strength training also prevents injuries and tones the body, so you look good when you do lose weight. 
Weight lifting also prevents sagging skin and and adds muscle definition!

4. Lower your Carbs

Cut back on the bread and pasta. Eat smaller portions or eliminate from your diet entirely.
When you are trying to lose weight, go lighter on carbohydrates, and try eating most of them earlier in the day. Protein keeps you full, does not store as fat, and helps to repair damaged muscle tissue, which is perfect after weight training. Carbohydrates give you energy and is absolutely essential, you just don't want to eat more than you burn. A great breakfast is a low fat protein like cottage cheese or yogurt with a healthy carb like fruit or oats. At lunch have a sandwich and for dinner have a protein with vegetables. Snack on 100 calories of something healthy 2-3 times in between those meals, and you're set with a perfect weight loss diet plan.

5. Schedule your workouts

This one is really important!
If you "book yourself" in for a workout, you are more likely going to do it. Many people will forget or pass it up for something that seems more pressing. Put it on your to-do list and then DO IT!

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