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Mmm... Chocolate!

On the topic of dieting I will admit I do have several Achilles heels.

#1. Bacon. That is a whole other topic but basically I practice only eating bacon in small portions and as part of a balanced diet.

#2. Chocolate. The topic of this post.

I started limiting my chocolate intake many years ago when I learned that 90% of the world's chocolate is made using child labour in Africa - and if you know anything about that topic then you know child labour is basically child slavery.

Chocolate sold in North America is often very high in sugar. Especially so-called white chocolate and milk chocolate. White chocolate has zero cocoa in it. And milk chocolate often doesn't even have milk in it - and is just very high in sugar.

So when I do buy chocolate I often aim for dark chocolate (preferably over 70% cocoa) because it is healthier - and fair trade chocolate that wasn't made using child labour.

Cocoa in small doses is good for you health wise. It boosts your metabolism, gives you pleasant feelings, encourages weight loss and a host of other health benefits. Dark chocolate is - without a doubt - the healthiest way to consume cocoa.

It is when you start consuming chocolate in overly large doses - especially chocolate which is high in sugar - that it becomes a danger to your waistline.

In the winter I recommend eating a small dose of dark chocolate before going ice skating or doing other outdoor winter activities.

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