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Ice Skating Lessons in Toronto


Toronto has multiple ice rinks you can choose from. eg. City Hall Ice Rink, Nathan Phillips Square in Downtown Toronto.


November 25th to March 10th annually. (Exact availability may depend upon weather conditions.)

NOTE - I am not teaching ice skating during the Winter of 2016-2017. I am however teaching Winter Archery and Archery Biathlon to anyone interested in learning such things.

How Much?

$50 for a 60 minute session.

$75 for a 90 minute session.


Please bring your own ice skates or you can rent ice skates from the booth.


Dress warmly and bring extra change for hot chocolate and lockers.

Terms and Conditions

See Cardio Trek's page on Rescheduling and Missed Sessions for our Terms and Conditions with respect to cancellations, refunds, rescheduling, illness and more.


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