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Nose Exercises - Do you actually need them or are you being overly sensitive of your nose?

Shiksha has been doing the nose exercises for
2 weeks and is already seeing results. But
her nose already pretty small and perfect.
 So far I have posted twice about nose exercises. This post would be the third.

The previous two posts are:

1. Nose Exercises Vs Rhinoplasty

2. Fixing a Crooked Nose using Nose Exercises

The first of these two posts are really popular for people to comment on. Likely because many people think their nose isn't perfect.

I admit myself, my own isn't perfect. It is too wide and at one point it was even crooked because I had been punched in the nose and it had gone a bit crooked - but I managed to fix that crookedness using nose exercises and my nose looks straight again. (I should post before and after photos sometime.)

I have also been doing the nose shortening / squinting exercises and the nose narrower exercise so I can make my nose smaller and thinner - and in my mind, more attractive. I was "blessed" with a big German hawk nose, but thanks to the exercises it is getting smaller and thinner and doesn't look so huge any more.

Now the thing is that the people who comment on the Nose Exercises Vs Rhinoplasty post are basically people just like me - for whatever reason they are dissatisfied with their nose. They might even have been tempted to get rhinoplasty to fix their nose.

Or worse, someone might have even been rude to blurt out something like "You should get a nose job!" (Like that scene in the Seinfeld episode "The Nose Job".)

At which point you have to ask yourself are you the type of person who is actually worried about the appearance of your nose and want to do something about it?

Shiksha's nose is already pretty small - making
her an ideal candidate for nose exercises.
In which case, what are your options and what kind of changes do you want?

Well, obviously here my goal is to encourage people to simply do the nose exercises, be patient and they will see results over the long term by doing them. Their nose will slowly but surely change their shape due to a remaking of the various muscles inside the nose so that eventually your nose is a different shape.

But for a person who lacks patience, or a person who wants really drastic changes (a la Michael Jackson), well then rhinoplasty is going to be their first choice because they won't want to wait to do it through simple exercises because they want dramatic changes right now. Instant gratification and a big surgery bill - and possibly a botched surgery, which happens surprisingly often in that industry. (Elective surgery companies always understate how often botched surgeries happen for fear of scaring customers away and potential lawsuits.)

What nose exercises does however is provide a second option for people who are tempted by surgery, but only want to make small changes to their nose - and they're willing to do the exercises in order to see the long term results.

Here again is the list of Nose Exercises that will help reshape your nose. Please read the full details at Nose Exercises Vs Rhinoplasty so you get a better idea of how long to do the exercises, how often, maintenance, etc.

And if you have a specific problem like a crooked nose (due to a boxing injury, etc) read Fixing a Crooked Nose using Nose Exercises

1. Squinting the Nose

Basically all you do is smile and try to squish your nose upwards using the muscles within your nose. No hands required. This upward "squinting" of the nose will add more girth to muscles in the sides of the nose and, assuming you do it evenly, both sides of the nose will auto-correct themselves with time until they're both equally muscular.

Hold for 5 to 10 seconds. Repeat 20 to 30 times daily until your nose muscles straighten out.

2. The Nose Shortener

This exercise isn't so much to repair damage as it is to prevent long term degradation of cartilage within the nose. As you get older your nose continues to grow, and the cartilage in the lower section may weaken and then separate from the upper part of the nose. This often gives the appearance that a hump has developed on the bridge of the nose. A plastic surgeon can perform surgery to improve the shape of your crooked nose or you can do this handy "Nose Shortening" exercise which will help to strengthen the muscles in that region of the nose.

Using your index finger, push the tip of your nose up. Contract the muscle by flexing your nose down against the resistance created by your finger. Hold for 5 to 10 seconds. Repeat 30 times, each time concentrating on the muscle forcing your finger down. Keep your breathing steady while performing the exercise. To get the maximum results, perform the Nose Shortener exercise twice a day.

3. The Nose Shaper

The upper part of the nose is made of solid bone and the center part is made from cartilage, so there really is not anything that can be done via exercising. However the bottom part of the nose had several different muscles which can be exercised, and by doing so it is possible to change the general shape of your nose. The "Nose Shaper" exercise involves placing your index fingers down either side of your nose, and flaring your nostrils by using the muscles above and below your nostrils. Your fingers create resistance by keeping your fingers in place against the movement of the nostrils, sort of like weightlifting for your nose.

Repeat this exercise 30 times, twice per day. The end result will create a less droopy nose, but the nostrils will appear wider... so if you don't want wider nostrils maybe you should consider the exercise below instead.

4. Nose Narrowing

Want a more narrow nose? Lower your chin and mouth and narrow your nose in the process. This uses a different set of muscles inside your nose which will help tighten up and narrow the appearance of your nose.

Hold for 5 to 10 seconds. Repeat 30 times, twice per day, and observe the long term results as your nose becomes more narrow.

5. Nose Wiggling

This one is easier to do in front of a mirror. Wiggle your nose from side to side, without moving your lips/etc. Why? Well, if you can master it then it makes for an interesting party trick. Not sure if its useful in terms of improving your looks however, but presumably it helps build the muscles within your nose.

End Results?

Do you actually need nose exercises? No, not really. But it is your nose. Do you actually need to exercise and eat healthy? No, not really. But it is your body, and therefore you exercise and eat well to keep it healthy and looking good. So choosing to do exercises to correct a crooked nose / etc is your choice - even if your nose seems perfectly normal and beautiful to everyone else.

Well, if nose exercises put a smile on your face then who are we to say no to something that makes you feel better about yourself? (Or in some cases, fixes a boxing injury.)


I am getting a lot of requests from people wanting personalized advice about their nose and what nose exercises they should do, how often they should do them, special circumstances,  etc. My advice is to follow the instructions listed above and on other posts I have made about nose exercises.

If you are contacting me asking me for personalized help - basically asking for my services in aiding you with your nose exercises, then I will need to charge you my personal training rate ($50 per hour) for my services.

I know this is not the answer many of you are looking for. I have already answered many of the frequently asked questions in the comments section of various nose exercise posts, and answered many emails from people asking for help with their nose exercises - but I am a busy person and the emails have reached a point where I need to start charging for this service because I cannot answer all of them.

Best of luck with your nose exercises!

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