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Dominant Eye for Archery and Other Sports

Some sports require good hand eye coordination. This is especially true of archery. (Other sports like baseball, tennis, golf, etc, also require a lot of hand eye coordination so this post will be equally beneficial for people in those sports.)

To check which eye is dominant follow the instructions below.

Form your hands into a small triangle shape and using both eyes line up an object in the distance by looking through the tiny triangle in the middle. Don't move your hands during the next part.

Close one eye and then vice versa close the other eye to see which eye is more accurate and can see the object.

The more accurate one which can see the object is your dominant eye.

This technique is also used by photographers sometimes.

In archery determining this helps to determine whether you should use a right handed bow or a left handed bow. Your eye is more important than the hand coordination in this case. In other sports the hand may be more important, but if a player is ambidextrous but left eye dominant they would probably be better using their left hand. (Although this is a matter of debate for players, depending on the sport.)

Another way to do this test is to hold up a CD or DVD instead of using your hands and go through the steps the same way, but using a CD or DVD is unnecessary since you can easily do it with your hands instead.

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