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CBC Interview about Archery / The Hunger Games

Yesterday I did an interview with the CBC about archery / The Hunger Games. One of my younger archery students was also interviewed regarding her interest in the Hunger Games and her newfound interest in archery.

The interviews will be appearing in forthcoming episodes of CBC News, the National, and also be available on the CBC website. (If you are paying attention this comes mere weeks after I shot several archery clips for TSN, so there is a lot of demand right now for archery clips in the news.)

The new Hunger Games film "Catching Fire" arrives in movie theatres tomorrow (or tonight at midnight if you like midnight screenings). Doubtlessly this will fuel more interest in archery amongst young people. Which as I said to the CBC, as long as people are getting outside and exercising this is something I am going to support and continue to support.

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