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How to Walk Yourself Fit

Walking burns a good chunk of calories. Indeed a 1 hour walk in hilly terrain will burn approx. 350 calories depending on your weight. Do that every day for a year and you've lost about 40 lbs of fat.

Some people struggle to find an exercise that they enjoy, or if they’re not fit enough to try a more strenuous activity like jogging or running because it hurts their knees. Walking is the perfect solution for people who want to improve they're fitness without the added stress on their joints. Many people write off walking as a daily task that everyone does anyway rather than as a fitness activity, those people who walk regularly have been scientifically shown to have lowered chances of developing certain illnesses, including diabetes and many different kinds of cancer.

So how do you make sure you walk more often?

#1. Take a Camera with you!

Having something fun to do while walking, such as a crossword puzzle, listening to music, doing photography, gives you a reason to go walking more often. You forget your goal is exercise and instead you may even lose track of time and your hour long daily walk may turn into 90 to 120 minute forays into wilderness photography.

And take the dog with you!

#2. Switch Car Journeys for Walking

How often do you drive somewhere when its only a 5, 10 or 20 minute walk away? It could be 30 minutes there and 30 minutes back, and you've just got your 1 hour of walking done.

If you do not have much spare time in your life right now, you can easily increase your walking by taking journeys on foot rather than using your car. There are many people who drive for journeys which would take no more than ten minutes to walk, and if this sounds like you then you could make the most of these chances to start walking. You should always ensure that you’re walking at a pace that allows you to talk but wouldn’t allow you to sing.

#3. Buy a Pedometer

As a general rule, you should try to take 10,000 steps per day. To measure these, you can purchase a pedometer for $5 to $10, which you can attach to your belt or waistband. These steps are not made up from your scheduled walks alone; they include all of the steps that you take during the day. If you have a busy job that keeps you on your feet daily, you may find that it is easier to get to this number than you might have thought.

#4. Make Waking Your Routine

If you have the time, you should try to include scheduled walks into your lifestyle at least once each week. Soon, you should find that you are able to notice an improvement in your general health and fitness. Walking is one of the most effective exercises possible, because you can walk for a long time before having to stop, so it doesn't require much endurance at all. So don’t make any excuses, and simply start walking!

#5. Make Sure That You Have The Right Shoes

If you become a serious walker you should ensure that you have a good pair of shoes. If you wish to walk in the countryside, you may find that walking boots or hiking boots are a good investment, however for the average person simply walking through the streets a pair of trainers will probably suffice. You can visit a specilaist walking or running shop to be professionally fitted for walking or running shoes. With regards to what else you should wear whilst walking, it is best to wear several thin layers rather than just one thicker one, as this means that you’re able to remove them if you get too hot. You should also wear comfortable trousers that are not too tight.

#6. Take a Backpack!

Looking for an added challenge when you go hiking? Take a backpack and load it up with water and healthy snacks. Even if you don't eat it all the extra weight works a bit like weightlifting over a long journey.

Imagine if you were a commando during WWII, carrying a 60 lb backpack across rugged terrain for 10+ miles at a time. That is some serious marching! Don't believe me? Watch the documentary film "The Greatest Raid of All Time" produced by the BBC.

I know its off topic, but its a really good film.

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