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12 Ways to Enjoy Healthy Living while visiting Toronto

Hello Toronto and tourists visiting Toronto!

Here are a list of 12 healthy ways to have fun in Toronto. Enjoy!

#1. Summer? Go swimming at one of Toronto's many Blue Flag rated beaches. Or visit some of the local pools operated by Toronto Parks and Rec. Or better yet, go to Canada's Wonderland and hang out in the Splash Works all day long - swim all day and go on the water slides.

#2. While you are at the beach you can also do exercises, yoga, go jogging, take the dog for a walk - for those people who take their dog on vacation with them! For those who want more competition, have a beach volleyball game.

#3. Autumn? Go hiking. Now is a good time of year to visit one of Ontario's many waterfalls, especially in the Hamilton / Niagara area. Hike to Hilton Falls near Milton, Ontario - take the dog with you and your camera, because the trees at Hilton Falls during the Autumn will be incredibly beautiful. The hike to Hilton Falls from the parking lot is about 20 to 40 minutes depending on what route you take.

#4. Another great thing to do at Hilton Falls is bring your bicycle. The park has lots of bicycle trails you can use. Toronto and the surrounding area has literally hundreds of bicycle trails for you to choose from.

#5. Join a 5K run. Toronto has many marathons, half marathons, 10Ks 5Ks and other running events for amateur runners. During Spring and Summer there are sometimes 15 or more events each month. Consult to learn more about different events happening in Toronto.

#6. Winter? Lace your skates up and visit one of Toronto's many public ice rinks. My favourite to go to is the rink in front of the Toronto City Hall - I find they use the zamboni more frequently there and it keeps the ice in better condition, and that rink has multiple options nearby for hot beverages.

#7. Archery Lessons - Learn how to shoot properly with an experienced instructor. Contact me to sign up for archery lessons in Toronto. I even teach archery during the Winter, so if you are curious to learn more about Winter Archery Lessons please contact me.

#8. Archery Tag - Shoot arrows at your friends or friendly strangers at an archery tag event. Hint - It helps if you already know how to shoot properly. Visit to learn more about archery tag locations in the GTA.

#9. Join a Meetup group for a sporting activity on Nobody cares if you are not a local, they only care if you show up to the event. eg. has everything from indoor volleyball, badminton and a range of other activities to do.

#10. Tennis and Golf. Now I personally hate golf - I see it as a sport for people who like to sit in a cart and follow their balls around. But tennis on the other hand takes a lot of energy to do and I respect that. Regardless, Toronto has many tennis clubs and golf clubs to choose from, so if you bring your racket or golf clubs with you on vacation, Toronto has lots of options for you to choose from.

Note - So far I have only been listing exercises for things to do in Toronto. These last two are food based options.

#11. Take a cooking class. BlogTO and Groupon have lists of cooking classes you can choose from, many of which are about healthy cooking, vegan cooking, etc. So while you might not normally think of doing that while on vacation, it is still a fun option to consider. Toronto has literally hundreds of places that teach cooking. I know of one where their primary goal is actually religion and they offer vegan cooking lessons for a donation. That is pretty reasonable when you think about it, so if you don't mind people chanting Hare Krishna that is certainly an interesting option. (Those Hare Krishna people are really huggable and nice.)

#12. Go for a walk and window shop many of Toronto's fine restaurants until you find one that looks both interesting and healthy. Depending on the neighbourhood you are in this is harder than you would think. Some neighbourhoods have only restaurants that serve unhealthy / greasy food. But if you pick a good neighbourhood with lots of options you can not only work up an appetite with your walk, but once you pick a favourite to try you can walk back to that option and see just how good their food really is. If you want to speed up the process the neighbourhoods I recommend are:

East Danforth
Queen West, west of Bathurst
Eglinton West, west of Yonge
Yonge Street, north of Mount Pleasant
Queen Street East, north of Beaches
Toronto's Vegan Village (Bloor Street West, north of High Park, and the surrounding area)
Kensington Market

There are more, but these will get you started. Happy walking and eat healthy!

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