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Yoga Class Etiquette 101

Practicing yoga is more than an exercise. Its meant relax the mind and bring peace to the body. Sadly not everyone knows about a number of often unspoken etiquette rules. There are many yoga instructors, many personal trainers and many yoga studios in Toronto. But sadly very few talk about etiquette for yoga or other exercise activities.

For many people their yoga practice is more than exercise. It is their whole mind and body well-being lifestyle. The studio is their sacred place, a place of quiet and relaxation. Here are a few tips on courtesy to avoid making a yoga studio faux pas:

#1. No Talking in the Studio

If you practice yoga with your friends, keep the pre and post catching up in the lobby. Some studio change rooms even discourage discussion because some people feel uncomfortable with talking while they are half-naked and changing their clothes.

#2. Bring a Yoga Mat Bag without a Zipper or Velcro

Walking into the yoga studio to set up and causing a loud ZIPPING NOISE is just as disruptive as talking! A bag with strings, a carrying strap or even a fabric sleeve is preferable.

#3. Give Others Plenty of Space

Personal space is important to people practicing yoga. In a crowded studio be sure to move your mat over as comfortably as possible to make room for other students. Don't hog space if the space is limited.

#4. Help put Straps and Blocks back

If you borrow equipment such as straps and blocks, be sure to put anything back as you originally found it. Don't expect the studio staff to clean up after you! If you rent a mat, disinfect and hang to dry.

#5. Don't Stare at Other People

Think of it like being on the TTC subway. Don't stare at the other passengers, or in this case, yoga practitioners.

#6. If you are new, head to the back

From the back you can see more experienced students and learn from them, without staring at them too much. If you are a new student and practice in the front, not only are you likely taking the spot that advanced students need to check form, but the students behind you may follow your lead without realizing you are an inexperienced yoga newb!

#7. Try to Arrive Early

Lateness and disrupting a class currently in session is a big no-no. You should also avoid leaving early and disrupting the class by quitting early and making noise as you leave.

#8. Turn your Cellphone OFF!

Easy. Press a button, turn off your cellphone. Its like being in a movie theatre. Avoid any unnecessary noises.

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