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How to Train for Archery at Home

Here is a 10 Exercises you can do at home to improve your body for the sport of archery.

#1. Pushups. Lots of them!

I do 25 push ups at a time, 4 times per day. If you can't do 25 at once, try doing 20, 15 or 10 pushups at time... but aim for a total of 100 pushups.

#2. Headstand Pushups!

I do 20 of these per day. Use a wall or door to balance your feet so you don't fall over. You should feel a muscle ripping sensation in your arms and shoulders. If you are new to this exercise, aim to do 5 at a time.

#3. Yoga!

Yoga helps build core muscles, posture and balance, both of which are important for archery and maintain a good still pose while readying a shot. You can put as much effort into yoga as you have motivation. I recommend at least 30 minutes per day.

#4. Situps!

Situps will help tighten up your stomach muscles and improve your breath control. For extra challenge try doing breathing exercises while doing your situps. Learning to control you breathing and you stomach/lung muscles is an important part of archery. Breathe into your gut, not your chest. Aim for 100 situps twice per day (morning and late afternoon).

#5. Bicep Curls!

Get some dumbbells. Preferably a weight that is a challenge for you, but not so much that you can't do more than 5 repetitions. Aim for a weight where it starts feel like a challenge after 10 reps.

#6. Tricep Curls or Triceps Kickback!

This one is more important than the biceps, because you use your triceps a lot more in archery. My favourite way of doing tricep curls is to lift the dumbbells above and behind my head, and then lift upwards above my head. You should feel it in the backs of your arms. Do 20 reps, rest, repeat 5 times.

Another option you can do is the Triceps Kickback, shown here on the right photo.

#7. Squats

Do 20 squats, 5 sets.Try and keep your back straight up and down while you are squatting. The goal here is to improve your posture and balance.

#8. Balancing Exercises

Explore a variety of balancing exercises. Invent your own! There are a variety of yoga poses you can do to improve your balance.

#9. Rowing

If you have a rowing machine at home or at the gym, use it! If you don't get a stretchy piece of fabric or a rope and do rowing exercises using it. An exercise stretch band would be ideal.

#10. Fast Shadow Boxing

The action of punching and pulling back your arm super fast uses the triceps a lot. For extra challenge use a small weight (5 lbs) while you are boxing.

The end result is to forge your body into a more efficient archery machine. After that its just a matter of honing your aim, building experience, and mind-body control.

If you want to push yourself even further I recommend exploring Zen Archery.

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