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Archery Lessons Testimonial + Christmas Shopping List

"Thanks again for the archery lessons you gave our son during the Summer. You were a really great instructor.

We will be getting him his own equipment for Christmas. Can you recommend what equipment we should get him for Christmas and where to go shopping?

Have a great Christmas!
Maggie and Tobias H."

Samick Sage
Hey Maggie and Tobias!

You are welcome. Always happy to help.

Since your son is in his late teens I recommend getting him the following from Tent City in North York:

  • Samick Sage, 25 lbs, right hand pull.* $150.
  • 12 arrows, preferably 600 spine. Beman Junior Hunters or Easton 600s would work. $7 to $10 per arrow depending on the manufacturer or whether you have custom fletched arrows.
  • Finger glove, size large. Approx. $14.
  • Arm bracer. Approx. $20 or more for a good one.
  • Bowstringer. Approx. $12.
  • Bow string wax. Approx. $10.
  • Spare bow string for future use. Approx. $15.
  • Arrow rest. $7 to to $36 for a decent one. Do NOT get the plastic sticker arrow rests.
  • Quiver. Optional, prices vary.
* There are other bows I could recommend for your son, but the Samick Sage is a very good starter recurve bow. Samick also has a good warranty. Other brands / models I recommend include the Samick Red Stag, Jandao, Bear Grizzly, Martin Jaguar/Saber/Panther. All of these brands have a good or very good warranty. I recommend avoiding any company that doesn't have a warranty.

I also recommend avoiding any counterfeit / knock-off bows. A growing problem in the industry is disreputable companies selling counterfeit archery equipment made overseas in China/etc. Not only is there no warranty, but they break easily.

Best of luck and happy shooting!

Follow up email:

"Thanks for the list! Your advice is invaluable. See you next year!"

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