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How to do a Proper Bicep Curl - and get better results!

Bicep training is handy for people who want to see results. It's one of the muscle groups that everyone can tone and actually see results within a week if they are doing them right. Nice biceps are the hallmark of a fantastic physique, and naturally weight lifting is the cornerstone to achieving chiseled, strong and sexy arms.

It's very common for amateurs to train biceps the most frequently, but then see the fewest gains and results because they aren't doing them properly.

This is mostly due to the natural inclination of amateurs to only perform half the exercise.

Let me explain...

During a bicep curl the weight is lifted from the thigh up to the shoulder. On the way back down (the negative rep) many simply allow the weight to quickly drop back into starting position without any control or form. Thus they are lifting the weight - but they're not lowering it slowly on the way back down.

If you want to do bicep curls it is best to focus on form and do them slowly. It will force you to focus on that negative rep because it is an entirely different bicep exercise than the positive ascent - and it is arguably the most important part of the exercise.

Another thing you might try is to "Hammer Up, Bicep Curl Down", for which the instructions are below.

1. Start either seated or standing (better for the core) with two dumbbells in each hand with enough weight which will fatigue your biceps in the range of your strength training goal, anywhere from 10 to 15 reps. (Don't use dumbbells which are too heavy or too light.)

2. With palms facing each other, curl the weights up to your shoulder. That's the positive hammer curl.

3. Now rotate your wrists so both palms face you and slowly, with complete control, lower the weights all the way back down until arms have only a slight bend in the elbow. That's the negative bicep curl.

Perform a set and then reverse the order, bicep curl up, hammer curl down for a balanced arm workout! This focus on form will help you to get more out of your bicep exercises.

If you want more advice on weight lifting you can always hire me as your personal training here in Toronto. Happy weight lifting!

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