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How to Ween Yourself Off Sugar in 30 Days

Sugar addiction is very common amongst people who are overweight and obese. Even fit people have difficulty with their sweet tooth and sugar cravings.

But what can you do about it? Well one solution is to ween yourself off sugar slowly, over a 30 day period.

Days 1 to 6

Make a list of high-sugar foods that are on the "do not eat" list. Avoid those foods and fast-food places that offer tempting high-sugar foods. Inform friends and family that you are trying to avoid sugar. Ask them to encourage you and to avoid tempting you with sugary treats. (Avoid hanging out with people who ignore this request. They're not helping you by deliberately providing temptation.)

Days 7 to 12

Clear your home of any high-sugar foods. Keep only healthy foods in the home. Get rid of high-sugar cereals, desserts, ice cream and other sugar-laden treats. Inform the family or others in the home that high-sugar foods are now banned and that they should not bring them into the home. Locate a suitable place where you can donate all those high sugar foods.

Days 13 to 18

When shopping avoid aisles in the grocery store filled with junk food and sugary treats. At home keep the place stocked with healthy snacks such as chopped-up vegetables and fruits. When purchasing canned fruits, go with those with natural juices, no sugar added. Air-popped popcorn is another easy-to-make snack to replace sugary treats.

Days 19 to 24

To quell sugar urges, go for a walk when the urge to nibble on sweets arises. Build healthy habits such as exercising while watching TV instead of sitting around snacking on unhealthy, sugary treats. When in doubt walking helps soothe and calm the mind.

Days 25 to 30

When eating out, avoid desserts and other high-sugar items. Portions in restaurants are often over-sized. If temptation arises, split a dessert with someone. Do not consume an immense amount of sugar in one dessert.

Tips and Warnings

Focus on the positive goals for a healthier life. Give yourself rewards (not food) for lessening the amount of sugar consumed.

Talk to your doctor before making any modifications to the diet such as decreasing sugar intake. Start any new health program gradually and give the body time to adjust.

Naturally weaning off sugar will provide many health benefits for the body. The American Diabetes Association cautions that type 2 diabetes is on the upswing in America, even among youngsters. A focus on natural foods such as grains, fruits and vegetables will help the body maintain health. Since high-sugar commercial foods can cause the blood sugar to spike, if you can wean yourself off sugar, you'll be improving your chances of a long, healthy life.

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