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Archery Lessons Testimonials X 2

Here are two more testimonials from earlier this year for my archery lessons.

"Hi Charles,

I wanted to thank you for making our first archery experience so much fun and entertaining yesterday. I think I speak for Carolyn and Gurdeep too when I say we had a great time, and that archery could be our new hobby.

Maybe I will be able to audition for a part in Arrow or Game of Thrones soon!!

Thanks again.

Bally J."

"Hello all!

I am writing this testimonial because I really loved the archery lessons I had with Charles. Not only did Charles make it easy to learn with his straight forward instructions, he also was incredibly knowledgeable about the physiology of archery form and the physics of how an arrow flies through the air. I came away from the lessons being able to shoot tight clusters consistently and I know without a doubt it would have taken forever for me to figure out how to do that through trial and error / trying to teach myself.

I also want to compliment Charles on his teaching style which is very supportive, encouraging and how he employs humour in order to make the coach-student relationship more enjoyable. Maybe that is just his personality. I wish my university professors were half as funny as Charles is.

In short, if you are looking for archery lessons in Toronto I highly recommend Charles. I have seen other archery instructors doing their thing, but seeing others in action shows me that I chose well when I signed up for lessons because I apparently got the best instructor in Toronto.

Very Happy,
Annabelle V."

Two Good Shots

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