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Exercising while Sick - Pros and Cons


"Hello! What are the pros and cons of exercising while sick?

- Brenda J."


Hello Brenda!

Exercising while sick is inherently risky. But there are several benefits if your illness isn't too serious. Eg. The common cold.

If you can muster the strength and motivation to exercise while sick I first have several pieces of advice.

#1. Take it slow. Take your time. Your endurance will be lower.

#2. Use smaller weights if weightlifting.

#3. Don't ignore proper nutrition.

#4. Focus on form. Don't injure yourself.

#5. Expect to do half of what you normally do.

The Benefits of Exercising while Sick

Heightened metabolism. You will get better faster.

Maintains your muscle tone and endurance more so once you are recuperated you won't have to catch up on any losses.

The Negatives

Low energy, so don't expect to do a lot.

You really should not be exercising if seriously ill. It is one thing to exercise while you have the common cold and another thing entirely if you are dying from pneumonia.

Weather conditions are a factor. If you like jogging outside doing that while sick and it is raining outside, big no no. But if it was warm and sunny and you stay hydrated a short jog wouldn't hurt.

In Toronto (since we get winter 4 months of the year) I don't recommend any kind of outdoor exercise while sick during the December to March period.

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