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May Boxercise Deal - Boxing Lessons for Less

Did you know that Boxing that is a really great cardio exercise that burns a lot of calories?

Exercise & Calories Burned per Hour
130 lbs
150 lbs
180 lbs
200 lbs
Boxing, sparring

Which means that if you want to get into boxing purely as an exercise (as opposed to competitive boxing or learning boxing as a self-defense) you can really shed the pounds quickly.

An 165 lb person burns a little over 700 calories in 1 hour of sparring. Doing boxing for 5 hours in a week and they've lost 1 lb. (To calculate how many calories you can burn doing boxing punch your weight in pounds into the following Boxing Calories Calculator.)

Add in the Afterburn Effect and they may lose closer to 1.5 lbs of fat. That is pretty impressive for only 5 hours worth of exercising.

Precise results will vary on a person's overall weight and physical endurance, but the end result is that boxing provides you with a great cardio exercise that burns a lot of calories - and its fun to do!

I charge $35 per hour for boxing lessons. For 5 hours of boxing lessons (split up over 5 days, depending on the client's schedule) I normally charge a discounted rate of $150 (the client saves $25).

However during the month of May 2013 I am offering a special discount rate for new clients - 5 lessons for $125.

Please note I am not teaching competitive boxing. So if you are into MMA or expecting some serious sparring action, you will be sorely disappointed. I teach boxing purely as an exercise. Hence the term "Boxercise".

To sign up immediately for Boxercise Lessons you can send $125 via Interac E-Transfer to

Please email to schedule lessons. Happy Boxercising!

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