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Indoor Archery Lessons in Toronto - Pros and Cons

Hey Toronto, please be advised that my Summer / Autumn schedule is very full. If you are looking to sign up for archery lessons you might want to consider signing up for indoor archery lessons for November 2014 to March 2015.

What are the pros and cons of taking indoor archery lessons?


#1. No wind.

#2. Not freezing cold or ridiculously hot.

#3. No mosquitoes.

#4. Less distractions.

#5. No worry about archery lessons being rescheduled due to rain, snow, thunderstorms, high winds, etc.


What people love about doing archery outdoors is often the wildlife, the wind providing an extra challenge, the added distractions. So the things some people dislike about outdoor archery are also the same things people love about it too. Indoor archery feels almost clinical in comparison.

Still, in comparison to freezing your buttocks off, indoor archery is a welcome change when compared to standing outside in -20 Celsius (with a wind chill factor lowering it -40+) and trying to complete a shot while shivering.

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