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Working Out Despite the Winter Blues

Not everyone wants to run outside, wearing 4 or 6 layers, a face mask and boots in the winter.

To be fair I hate running in the winter. I stick to the indoors, doing jumping jacks, yoga, weightlifting and other activities to stay active in the winter. Jogging can wait til Spring arrives.

Being a fair weather runner is nothing to be ashamed of. Some people just don't like the cold, but that doesn't Winter should spell the end of your exercise activities.

Yes, you could go brave it in the chilly and freezing Winter mornings, pounding the pavement... But there is nothing wrong with choosing a treadmill instead.

Many fitness enthusiasts dread the cold weather because their exercise options become limited, and let's face it, jogging on a treadmill can be really boring!

Four Winter Workout Suggestions

#1. Step up the weight routine
Winter is a great time to focus on weight lifting - That was my big thing this winter, I did a lot of weightlifting at home this winter. Strength training has so many benefits, and it's an exercise that can be done alone, in a class or with a friend. It's also a great perk that it shows results relatively quickly in terms of muscle growth!

#2. DVDs / YouTube
There are plenty of yoga, strength and cardio DVDs out there - many of them are dirt cheap, because who uses DVDs these days when YouTube offers the same stuff for free? You can find lots of exercise videos to help keep you occupied during the winter on YouTube alone, so you don't really need to invest in DVDs at all.

#3. Wii Fit

Exercise oriented video games (especially the high cardio ones) are a great way to get yourself moving a lot more in the winter. Avoid the more lazy games that don't actually get you moving. Stick to the games that actually cause you to lose your breath, sweat and become tired. That way you know you are getting a workout instead of just moving your arm around a little bit.

#4. Hire a Personal Trainer/Build a Home Gym

One way to never feel the dread of the upcoming cold months is to build your own gym at home. Even a small set up consisting of free weights and a stationary bike will go a long way toward keeping/getting you in shape. Make better use of your equipment by hiring a personal trainer (like me if you live in Toronto) to show you fun exercises, and to develop a plan to follow on your own.

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