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Consistency and Arrow Clusters

Once you've developed good form while shooting your next step is to try and adjust your shot by developing arrow clusters.

Lets pretend for example that when aiming straight at the target with the bow (off the tip of the arrow), and you are doing everything correctly in terms of pulling back to your anchor point, your bow arm is relaxed, your grip is relaxed, your mental focus is clear and undistracted, your arms aren't shaking, and so forth... and yet your shots are still veering to the bottom right of the target.

Well if you are doing everything consistent all your shots should be in roughly the same spot.

Some of your arrows might even be so close together they're touching. Not to worry, consistency is good but you need to adjust your aim.

In the photo above the person would need to adjust their aim further to the left and up a little bit. However when people do this many people overcompensate and the next thing you know you are hitting the white or black on the left side.

Thus it is always best to adjust your aim gradually. Aim 3 inches further to one side and move your cluster across the target slowly. With each round of adjusting your aim your clusters will move until you're getting better scores.

In the photo below the cluster has moved upwards, but its too high and still to the right. Yes, it is slower progress but with time a person will pinpoint EXACTLY where to aim and if their form and release remains constant they should be able to score nothing but 9s and 10s. (Hence why that rip in the yellow of the target keeps growing.)

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