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How to Shoot a Tiny Moving Target (and catch it on video)

In archery it is comparatively easy to hit a tiny moving target, like a bottle cap dangling on a string, moving about in the wind.

Catching it on video, that is the tricky part.

Like in the video below.

Now in order to make that video what you don't see is the following:

  • The years (or decades in my case) of practicing archery.
  • The warm-up practice the day of the making of the video.
  • The rounds prior to the video that involved hitting the bottle or close to the bottle - and all the shots the missed completely because I was not paying attention and too busy talking to friends.
  • The amount of wind there was on that particular day, both in rounds prior and during the round shown in the video.
  • The archer taking a break to drink hot tea because it was also cold outside that day.

I can however give you some tips.

#1. Get archery lessons so you learn how to shoot properly and accurately. If you live in Toronto, contact me about getting archery lessons in Toronto.

#2. Practice, practice, practice. Just because you got lessons doesn't mean you shouldn't practice regularly. "A sharp blade is always sharpest when it is honed regularly."

#3. Challenge yourself with a new goals. How are you supposed to get better at something if you don't challenge yourself? Aim to do something amazing, and with practice and perseverance you will eventually get good at doing the goal you have set.

#4. Take your time! Don't rush your shots. Avoid getting frustrated just because you aren't achieving the goal you set right away - frustration will only push you further from the target, not closer.

The photos below are just a few of the previous times I have set a goal of shooting a tiny moving target.

In the above somewhat blurry photo the bottle cap went flying off.
I cannot take credit for these shots. These were done by a student of mine.
Bullseye. You can tell from the string angle how windy it was.
This is a larger moving target, but note the broken arrow. The arrow next to it snapped it.
Shooting at a broken tab from a pop can. Pinned it on 3 sides.
Arrow splitting string down the middle, AND it is a bullseye at the same time. Huzzah!
Ripped the bottle right off the bottle cap, and shot it a few more times for good measure.
Shooting at a bunny on Easter Sunday.
And many more photos in my collection, like the 3 photos below which are from the same demonstration as the above video.

Have a great day and happy shooting!

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