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Archery Lessons in Toronto

Archery Lessons in Toronto, Overview

Greetings Archery Students of Toronto / International Students!

I teach all five major styles of archery. These styles include traditional recurve, Olympic recurve, longbow, shortbow/horsebow, and compound shooting. Lessons are tailored to the student's needs based upon their previous experience, preferred archery style, and their individual desires to learn about different archery topics.

Topics such as:
  • Shooting during windy conditions.
  • Long distance shooting.
  • Shooting at moving targets.
  • Precision marksmanship.
  • Speed shooting.
  • Instinctive archery.
  • Field archery (various distances).
  • Alternative stances (eg. kneeling, sitting).
  • Shooting around obstacles.
  • Training for competitive archery.
Lessons may also include a mini lecture on a topic such as arrow spine, arrowhead grain, how to wax a bowstring, how to string a bow using a bowstringer, how to repair arrows, etc. Mini lectures typically occur during the middle of a lesson, to give the student a bit of a break from shooting.

If you have questions about a particular aspect of archery, feel free to email and ask. I am always happy to help and promote the sport.

Above and Below - Just a handful of Cardio Trek's happy archery students.

Sign up for 3 or more lessons and learn how to shoot long distances.

Morning / Afternoon Rates (No Evenings)

1 Student, Weekdays or Weekends

$80 for 90 minutes; 3 Lessons - $230; 5 Lessons - $370; 10 Lessons - $720.

2 Students, Weekdays or Weekends

$110 for 90 minutes; 3 Lessons - $320; 5 Lessons - $520; 10 Lessons - $1020.


Please be advised that I no longer offer evening time slots.

Ask about my 10% Seniors Discount if you are over 65. Ask about my 10% Veterans Discount if you are a former or current member of the Canadian Armed Forces. (Discounts are not cumulative.)

Age Limitations

I only accept students who are 16 years old or older. I do sometimes make exceptions however if the students is highly motivated to learn and responsible.

I was 10 myself when I first tried archery and I feel that is a good age to start learning, however I feel that many children (15 or under) lack the emotional responsibility and attention spans for archery lessons. Call it personal preference if you want, but I have decided to devote my efforts to teaching older teenagers, adults and seniors. maintains a list of Toronto archery summer camps and day camps in the GTA. For children I also highly recommend Boy Scouts / Girl Guides. I first tried archery in 1989 while in Boy Scouts and hold firm that it is an excellent way for children to learn archery, other sports, bushcraft and basic survival skills.

There is no maximum age for learning archery - indeed I highly encourage seniors to try archery or to get back into it if they have done archery before. I even offer a 10% Seniors Discount for people over the age of 65. Lastly I also offer a 10% Veterans Discount to anyone who has served in the Canadian Armed Forces, with proof such as your Canadian Veterans Card.


Most of my archery lessons take place from March to October each year, but I do teach during the winter months upon request. The good news is that scheduling during the winter is more flexible as there is significantly less demand. Weather conditions during the winter is biggest issue so scheduling a lesson during the winter is mostly a matter of looking at the forecast.


No equipment necessary, all equipment is provided by the trainer.

Split the String and hit the Bullseye
Equipment includes:
  • Right and Left Handed Risers
  • 12 lb Recurve Bow Limbs 
  • 14 lb Recurve Bow Limbs
  • 16 lb Recurve Bow Limbs (X2)
  • 18 lb Recurve Bow Limbs (X2)
  • 20 lb Recurve Bow Limbs (X2)
  • 22 lb Recurve Bow Limbs (X2)
  • 24 lb Recurve Bow Limbs (X2)
  • 26 lb Recurve Bow Limbs
  • 28 lb Recurve Bow Limbs
  • 30 lb Recurve Bow Limbs
  • 32 lb Recurve Bow Limbs
  • 34 lb Recurve Bow Limbs
  • 36 lb Recurve Bow Limbs
  • 38 lb Recurve Bow Limbs
  • 40 lb Recurve Bow Limbs 
  • 28 lb Olympic Recurve Bow
  • 36 lb Custom Pyramid Bow
  • 38 lb Eastern Woodlands Flatbow
  • 35 lb Reflexed Flatbow (Vintage)
  • 35 lb Traditional Recurve Bow (Vintage)
  • 40 lb Traditional Recurve Bow (Vintage)
  • 45 lb Traditional Recurve Bow (Vintage)
  • 45 lb Traditional Recurve Bow (Contemporary)
  • 50 lb Traditional Recurve Bow (Vintage)
  • 25 + 60 lb Horse Bows
  • Various other bows not listed here. Last count as of June 2021 I have over 30 different bows.
  • 26-Inch Arrows to 32-Inch Arrows
  • Finger Gloves, all sizes
  • Arm Guards, various sizes
  • 40 cm, 60 cm + 122 cm FITA Targets
  • A variety of paper animal targets / zombie targets for amusement (available upon request).
I also teach compound archery, how to tune a compound bow, equipment maintenance, form, etc. However since compound bows need to be fitted to the archer's draw length I do not provide the equipment. You will need to purchase your own. Please be sure to buy equipment that matches your dominant eye.

I also teach Olympic style archery, utilizing what I learned in South Korea, however I prefer to teach students traditional archery style first and then switch them over to Olympic archery after they have grasped the concepts involved. Like compound shooting, students need to purchase their own equipment so they have arrows the right size for their draw length, bow limbs the correct poundage, arrows spined tuned to their draw weight, a stabilizer that is a reasonable weight, etc.

If you want to learn using your own equipment I recommend sending me the details of what equipment you have: Make, Model, Poundage, Arrow Spine Number (600, 500, 400, etc) and any other details you feel are important.

    What to Bring

    I recommend bringing drinks and snacks. Depending on the weather bring sunblock, a hoodie or tight fitting hat. Mosquitoes can be a nuisance during July and August so you may wish to bring bugspray (I recommend "Off" and/or "Muskol").

    Clothing wise I recommend wearing tight fitting clothing. Avoid loose baggy clothing.

    In colder weather (March, November, etc) I recommend wearing tight fitting layers and bringing hot coffee, tea or hot chocolate in a thermos with you.

    Note: It is actually more fun to shoot during wind or rain, but obviously shooting in the rain isn't for everyone. Also it is bad for the wooden equipment so if there is a strong chance of rain then lessons will be cancelled / rescheduled. Likewise in the event of a forecast of thunderstorms then the lesson will definitely be rescheduled.


    The Toronto Public Archery Range is located at E. T. Seton Park, just south of the Ontario Science Centre. The fastest way is to go to the corner of Gateway Boulevard and Don Mills Road, go west down the hill and take the first shortcut south at the end of the fence.

    For detailed maps and various locations you can park browse the maps of the range on the website. Many people park in front of the Shoppers Drug Mart on the south-east corner of Gateway Boulevard and Don Mills Road, but you can also park for free at the Eglinton Entrance or the Overlea Entrance.

    Via TTC go to Pape Station and take the 25 bus to the corner of Gateway Boulevard and Don Mills Road. Or if coming from the North, go to Don Mills Station and take the 25 bus going south.

    I recommend printing out a map or using GPS on your phone coming to the range the first time. People often get lost by following the bicycle trail and walk right past the entrances to the archery range. You can also see more detailed maps by visiting the website.

    About the Instructor

    Charles Moffat started doing archery in April 1989 while in Boy Scouts, building bows when he was a teenager, studied Olympic archery while living in South Korea in 2003, and started teaching archery in 2009. He has since been interviewed by numerous newspapers, radio shows, and appeared in clips for TSN, CBC News, OLN, CityTV, and Balade à Toronto.
    • In 2013 Moffat did all the archery stunts for a series of videos for Rice Krispies.
    • In June 2015 Charles Moffat was named "Athlete of the Week" by Toronto's CityTV for his contributions towards promoting the sport of archery.
    • In August 2016 Moffat was a guest on Newstalk 1010 and spoke about crossbow safety/laws, expressing the need for an indoor crossbow range in Toronto.
    • In August 2018 Moffat was a guest on CBC Radio's "Here and Now" during which he talked about the history of the Toronto Archery Range.
    Moffat has both participated in archery competitions and judged archery competitions.

    Moffat has published multiple articles in Archery Focus Magazine (July 2017, July 2018, November 2018, January 2020, September 2020 and November 2021 issues). He is currently working on his second book about archery, which will focus on recreational archery form and fun activities for recreational archers to do that also hones their skill.

    Terms and Conditions

    See Cardio Trek's page on Rescheduling and Missed Sessions for our Terms and Conditions with respect to cancellations, refunds, rescheduling, illness and more.


    All lessons are by appointment.

    Email to Schedule a Lesson.

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