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Seven Strange Competitive Sports

Looking for a sport you can have a lot of fun doing?

Well there is a lot of strange sports out there - and some of them are surprisingly fun to do.

#1. Cheese Rolling

The goal? Beat a giant Double Gloucester roll of cheese to the bottom of a hill.

#2. Chess Boxing

Alternating rounds of boxing with chess... Not kidding. There is even a World Chess Boxing Organization.

#3. Underwater Hockey aka Octopush

Yes, it is basically just hockey under water. Sounds easy, right?

#4. Fistball

Basically like soccer... but you use your fists.

#5. Bog Snorkeling

Swim through a thick peat bog using naught but snorkel and flippers.

#6. The Annual Man Vs Horse Marathon

Exactly what it sounds like. The man actually has a fair chance of winning because horses aren't that good over rough terrain or longer distances.

#7. Wife Carrying

Invented in Finland, but also popular in the USA...

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