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Valentines Day Archery Lessons Gift Vouchers

If you are looking for archery lessons in Toronto or you are looking to give your loved one archery lessons as a Valentines gift, you can purchase a Gift Voucher for archery lessons from Cardio Trek.

You can also get Couples Archery Lessons for you and your loved one.

Weekday Daytime lessons are $60 each for one person or $80 each for couples.

Weekday Evening or Weekend lessons are $80 each for one person or $100 each for couples.

If you are over 65 there is a 5% Seniors Discount.

If you are purchasing 3 or more lessons there is additional discount. See our archery rates for details.

Please Note - Gift Vouchers have an expiry date 18 month after the date of purchase. eg. If the Voucher Number says SEP17, then it expires September 2017.

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