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Pape Subway Station closed - Donlands station now routing to Archery Range

If you are planning to get to E.T. Seton Park - home of Toronto's Public Archery Range - via Pape Station and the 25 bus please be advised that Pape Station will be closed from August 19th to 30th and will reopen on August 31st.

In the meantime archers will need to get to the Toronto archery range via Donlands station, where the 25 bus will be rerouted during the 12 day closure.

That or drive. Or bicycle. Or use the Don Valley's many hiking trails (which are easy to get lost on and it is rather far to walk, depending on where you are coming from).

Torontonians looking for archery lessons are advised to contact cardiotrek {atsymbol} for more information about lessons and scheduling.

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