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The Dangers of Fruitarianism

I don't have a problem with people becoming vegetarians or vegans, but there is something seriously wrong with Fruitarians. They are crazy and dangerous. Let me explain how I know first using examples, and then I will explain why they are crazy on a biochemical level.

Example 1. I met a girl for date years ago who said she was a Fruitarian. I went on one date with her and determined I had no interest in her, but she ended up harassing me with text messages, phone calls and emails for over a month. Crazy nutjob claimed that we were destined to be together, that I need to convert to Fruitarianism and a bunch of other crazy stuff.

Now I admit that could happen to anyone (some people are just crazy), but read the 2nd example.

Example 2. A friend of mine who is a Vegan visited various countries in Central America and at one point she, her son and several friends got invited to visit a Fruitarian's farm for a tour. When they got there however the Fruitarian started shooting at them with a rifle and they had to run to get the heck out of there.

These anecdotal incidents of Fruitarian craziness are not alone however. If you go searching online you will find hundreds of these stories of Fruitarians acting in a crazy / violent manner. Just Google 'crazy fruitarian' and you will see over 65,000 webpages on that topic.

So why are Fruitarians so crazy?

It really comes down to a nutrient deficiency. Fruits are very low on nutrients and are mostly water and fibre, so while they are healthy for you to eat, you should not be limiting yourself to fruits only. You need a mix of both vegetables and fruits in order to stay healthy.

Nutrient deficiencies can cause a host of health problems, and they effect the brain in some rather bizarre ways. See my post from last month about Food Deficiencies and Mood / Anxiety Disorders, which gets into detail as to how various deficiencies effect the brain and cause depression, anxiety, emotional stability and more.

In the case of Fruitarians there are specific health problems they encounter that effect their brain. They are:

Calcium Deficiency - Needed for strong bones, but also needed to ensure proper brain function with respect to memory. A lack of calcium leads to forgetfulness and can be a factor Alzheimers and senility.

Protein Deficiency - Protein deficiencies have also been linked to depression, anxiety, ADHD, epilepsy, and a specific type of autism. The amino acids found in meat, nuts, seeds effect the production of serotonin, a calming neurotransmitter associated with appetite, blood pressure, learning, and sleep patterns. Brain neurons are mostly fat and fueled by glucose, but they use proteins to communicate with one another and control what happens throughout the body. Enzymes and neurotransmitters also use protein to send signals in the brain.

Zinc Deficiency - A lack of zinc leads to learning impairment, cognitive disorders, mild to severe Down's syndrome, dyslexia, emotional instability, depression, mental lethargy, epilepsy, schizophrenia, addictive behaviour such as alcoholism and obsessions, eating disorders, and loss of self esteem due to an increase in acne, boils, dermatitis and psoriasis. Zinc is found in vegetables, fish, shrimp, eggs, grains, nuts and vegetable seeds (eg. pumpkin seeds are very high in zinc). 

Vitamin D Deficiency - Also needed for strong bones, a shortage of Vitamin D means certain brain functions become reliant upon magnesium instead, and if there is a shortage of magnesium those brain functions shut down. Vitamin D also helps regulate hormone levels in the body, so a lack of Vitamin D creates a hormonal imbalance.

Vitamin B-12 Deficiency - A shortage of Vitamin B-12 can lead to neurological symptoms such as a tingling in the legs even though there is no physical cause for it, the tingling sensation is just in the brain. Vitamin B-12 is used in the construction of new brain cells and nerve cells, so a shortage of B-12 means old nerve/brain cells are not being replaced and can result in 'faulty hardware'. B-12 is used for neurotransmitters, enzymes - a lack of these things can lead to shutdowns of part of your nervous system. Side effects of B-12 deficiency include delusions, hallucinations, cognitive changes (like memory decline), depression, dementia, brain shrinkage and neurodegenerative disorders.

(Wow. Researching and writing the B-12 section above scared the crap out of me. Thankfully I eat fish, meat and eggs regularly, which are the only sources of vitamin B-12.)

Folate / Vitamin B Deficiency - Other kinds of Vitamin B deficiencies also cause neurodegeneration and similar side effects to Vitamin B-12 above.

Iron-Deficiency Anemia - The symptoms include fatigue, weakness and susceptibility to infections. Iron is found in Spinach and similar green veggies, and also found in meat. The effects on the brain include cognitive impairment, dementia and Alzheimer's disease. It is not life threatening, but it does effect cognitive understanding, memory, and causes abnormal behaviour due to defective neural transmissions.

Outside of mental functions, Fruitarianism also causes pancreatic cancer (which killed Apple CEO Steve Jobs, even though he only tried it earlier in his career it caused permanent damage to his pancreas), kidney failure, 

Deficiency Conclusions

The nutrient deficiencies alone are scary. It is no wonder Fruitarians are crazy people, the lack of nutrients in their system is making them hallucinate, forget things and is giving them impaired judgement. Alcoholics are less crazy in comparison because at least they are not hallucinating.

Psychosocial Problems

One of the problems of an all fruit diet is that it disrupts a person's social life, since they cannot eat regular meals with your friends and family. Vegans and vegetarians can usually do okay at Thanksgiving meals because there is plenty of mashed potatoes, carrots, peas, salad, cranberry sauce and other things that fit their diet. How often have you seen fruit served at a large family meal however? I think cranberry sauce counts as a fruit since it is a berry shrub. But a person isn't going to eat an entire plateful of cranberry sauce.

Thus not being able to go on dates with normal people, not being able to socialize with family or old friends, forcing themselves to socialize only with Fruitarians - who are crazy due to nutrient deficiencies and therefore not the most social group of people - it is no wonder Fruitarians end up being hermits who live on fruit farms and shoot at people they apparently forgot that they invited over for a tour.

According to my research into the topic a lack of other foods also causes Fruitarians to suffer from food cravings and obsessions. These obsessions leads them down a dark road of social anxiety, forbidden foods, social isolationism, and delusions.

The food cravings often cause Fruitarians to later abandon their previous beliefs, becoming a vegan or vegetarian, or even going back to being an omnivore.

Myself, I could never give up bacon. But I do feel like I did a good deed for today having warned people about The Dangers of Fruitarianism.

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