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Archery 101 in Toronto

Where to buy Archery Equipment in Toronto maintains a list of all the reputable places where you can buy archery equipment in Toronto. The good news is that the list includes traditional bows, compound bows, and even places where you can buy Olympic archery equipment.

Archery Ranges in Toronto

There really is only big one that everyone can use: The Toronto Public Archery Range.

There are several smaller private archery ranges at Hart House (for University of Toronto students), the JCCC (primarily for people seeking to learn Japanese Kyudo), and also at Casa Loma (which offers longbow archery lessons for small groups several times per year).

Archery Lessons in Toronto for Kids

If you are looking for archery lessons for your kids you can...

A. Ask me to teach them.
B. Sign your kids up for Boy Scouts / Girl Guides. (I first learned in Boy Scouts myself.)
C. Send your kid to a day camp / summer camp near Toronto that offers archery lessons.

Note - Finding archery lessons for kids can be tricky as many instructors don't teach kids and have a set age limit.

Archery Lessons in Toronto for Adults

A. Ask me to teach you.
B. Sign up for Kyudo at the JCCC.
C. Sign up for longbow lessons at Casa Loma.
D. Browse other individuals / places which offer archery lessons in Toronto.

Guide to DIY Archery in Toronto

For starters read the Do-It-Yourself Approach to Archery in Toronto, an article I wrote for the Canadian Daily. That will give you a good idea of how to get started and how to do archery without hiring an instructor.

Other Archery Resources

#1. The Canadian Toxophilite Society.

#2. The Toronto Survivalist Meetup Group.

#3. The Toronto Public Archery Range on Facebook.

#4. The Ontario Outdoor Magazine Bowhunting Forum.

#5. Buy one of the following books that I recommend: "Precision Archery" by Steve Ruis and Claudia Stevenson; "Archery: Steps to Success" by Kathleen Haywood and Catherine Lewis.

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