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5% Seniors Discount for all personal training and sports training

Are you a senior over the age of 65 and live in Toronto?

If so you are eligible for a 5% Seniors Discount at Cardio Trek on all...
  • Personal Training / Weight Loss Session Packages
  • Nutritional Advice Sessions
  • Archery Lesson Packages
  • Boxing Lesson Packages
  • Ice Skating Lesson Packages
  • Swimming Lesson Packages

This Seniors Discount is in addition to the discount rate for ordering 3 or more sessions.

Note - In August 2015 I lowered my age requirement for the Seniors Discount from the age of 70 to the age of 65. For a limited time I also offered a Triple Seniors Discount of 15% off archery lessons during September and October 2015.

Have a nice day!

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