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Health Benefits of Dates

Although popular in baked sweets, Dates are excellent in salads, stews, on their own, and soaked overnight in milk and yogurt. Dates can also be ground into a paste and used as a delicious and healthy substitution for many ingredients.
They also have a long list of health benefits.

Health Benefits of Dates

-Good source of fiber
-Contains calcium, phosphorous, potassium, manganese, copper and magnesium
-Aids digestion, prevents constipation
-Can prevent abdominal cancer
-Prevents and treats intestinal disorders
-Great for quick energy
-Due to their fiber, sweetness and filling nature, they're a great "in-between meal" snack for a weight loss program. They're approximately 20 calories each!
-Heart healthy
-It is said that dates are great for sexual stamina, fertility and overall improved sexual health
-Low inn sodium

Gently wash dates before eating. Even organic dates need to be washed because organic food is not completely pesticide free (technically organic food is no better for you, because its genetically modified to contain pesticides). Plus dates are sticky and a trap for impurities.
Soaking in milk or water, or eating them straight from the package are both tasty ways to enjoy dates. 
Refrigeration will help keep them fresh for longer.
And if they're good enough for Indiana Jones, they're good enough for the rest of us!

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