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Guest Posts and Advertising

Regarding Guest Posts and Advertising

On a weekly basis I usually have 1 or 2 people contacting me asking to do a Guest Post for

What they are looking for is a link to advertise either themselves and/or their business product or services. So what it boils down to is that it is advertising.

Furthermore they don't want to pay for it. They just want free links.

Giving away free links all the time however would dilute the quality of my website, both in terms of the content being written (* I will come back to this topic *) but also with respect to the SEO quality of In layman's terms you want lots of high quality links going to your website and zero or very few links going out. Too many links going out dilutes the quality.

Guest Posts Rate / Quality Writing

Every time someone contacts me asking for a Guest Post I have to explain that I charge a fee ($60) per link in a Guest Post, and sometimes I have to explain why (which is annoying having to repeat myself).

Most of the time the person inquiring changes their mind because they are a freeloading cheapskate who doesn't want to pay and expects me to dilute my website for their benefit for free. They think they are providing me a "service" by writing free content, but in reality for every link going out I need so many more incoming links in order to maintain the high quality of

If the person is at all serious or professional about the type of work they are doing then they know $60 per link is quite reasonable and industry standard. Some really popular websites charge $100 or more per guest post.

* As stated above it is important to me that any guest posts be of high quality in terms of the quality of the writing, spelling, grammar and so forth. This doesn't effect the SEO, but it does effect the people reading and are expecting to see good quality writing. If I let all the freeloaders post garbage then the level of quality would sink really low because they wouldn't be putting much effort into the task they are writing. The people paying $60 per link however will be certain to write with a greater degree of professionalism - which in turn will assure the quality of their writing because they want to get their ROI (Return On Investment).

Posts that are less than quality will either be refused or edited to improve the quality. I reserve the right to edit all posts.

Less often I also get people asking for:

Advertising in a Post, asking me to write a new post or to add a link to an existing post. Again, I want to discourage dilution so I charge $100 for writing such a post or adding a link. Effectively it is $60 for the link and another $40 for my time spent writing it. (I once had a cheapskate complain that he should not have to pay extra if I am just adding it to an existing post - to which I respond, I still spent the time writing it - so why should it matter when I wrote it?)

Or they are asking for a Product Review, in which case I need a sample of their product and I am charging $40 if they just want a review or $100 if they want a product review that includes a link.

Where does the money go? / Payments

I devote a significant amount of time, effort and money each year to maintaining the high quality of writing that goes into and also in advertising the website. That is where the money goes, back into advertising and quality maintenance.

Payments are made via PayPal or Interac Email Transfer.


To contact me regarding a guest post, advertising or product review email

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