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How to Make a Hearty Vegetable Soup in a Jiffy

Honestly the fastest way is to cheat. But you have to do it in a smart way.

Watch and learn.

How to Make a Hearty Vegetable Soup in a Jiffy

In a large pot mix the following...

#1. One can of meat/vegetable soup. In this case I am using Campbell's Chunky Beef soup.

#2. Add one cup of frozen vegetables. I did say jiffy didn't I?

#3. Add half of a can of chick peas (a big can of chick peas is 796 mL so put in roughly 400 mL and then seal the can back up and put in your fridge for later). Remember to rinse off the chick peas with water (hot or cold, doesn't matter) before adding to the pot.

#4. Spice to your tastes. I used parsley, basil, salt, and ClubHouse LaGrille Lemon and Herbs.

Cook to a boil, then lower to minimum heat and cover. Let sit 5 minutes, then turn off. Let cool for 5 to 10 minutes before consuming.

Total Time about 20 minutes.


The combination of the soup can and spices ensure you get a very tasty soup. The added veggies and chick peas add a lot of extra hearty nutrients - chick peas especially are really good for you.

Nutritionists recommend chick peas for people who are trying to lose weight and / or gain muscle, the reason is because they are low calories (134 calories per 125 mL of cooked chickpeas) because they are ridiculously low in fat, and high in nutrients and protein (7 grams of protein per half 125 mL of cooked chick peas).

The beauty of chick peas is that they go really well in soup, require very little preparation (just rinse with water before cooking) and they are incredibly good for you.

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