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Booking Archery Lessons in Toronto

Hey Toronto!

I have good news and bad news.

First if you are looking to book archery lessons in Toronto for the current season, you had best book ASAP if you want the plum time slots. Weekends and Weekday Evening time slots are booking up like crazy.

This means if you delay, there will be no weekend or weekday evening time slots left.

In other news there are plenty of weekday time slots in mornings and afternoons, so if you have a flexible work schedule, certain weekdays off, or even unused vacation time why not sign up for archery lessons?

A Very Straight Vertical Line of Arrows

See the vertical line on the target on the right? That line is so perfectly straight because the archer is making maybe 1 or 2 little mistake that is causing vertical inaccuracy.

How do you fix this?

#1. Make sure your draw length is the same; You need to achieve full draw every time. It helps to have a coach to double check you are using a full draw each time.

#2. Relax your bow hand and bow arm/shoulder. If your hand, arm or shoulder are too tense they can torque in various directions, often creating vertical, horizontal or diagonal lines of arrows. (eg. When fatigued, diagonal lines are quite common.)

#3. You might be Face Walking your anchor spot. Face Walking is an archery term used to describe an inconsistent anchor spot that goes up/down or left/right on your face while shooting, creating lines of arrows on the target which are either vertical or horizontal. To make sure you are not Face Walking it is helpful to have an archery instructor who can watch for the warning signs that you are making mistakes and help you to correct your mistakes.

There are other factors that can also cause lines on the target (eg. horizontal lines caused by windy conditions), but to learn what you are doing wrong and how to correct the problem it is very beneficial to have an archery instructor.

To book archery lessons in Toronto email to begin scheduling your lessons. Before you know it you will be shooting super tight arrow clusters or even splitting your own arrows.

Super Tight Cluster of 3 Arrows
To learn more about Arrow Clusters and Splitting Arrows (Pulling a Robin Hood) see:

Splitting an Arrow down the Middle

Arrow Clustering at Work

Consistency and Arrow Clusters

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