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Two Plank Variations

The beauty of Plank exercises is that they take no equipment to do and they're super frugal.

The sad part is that many people hate doing doing plank exercises because they are, admittedly, very difficult for some people to do.

Take these two exercises below as examples. They're extra hard, despite looking deceivingly simple. Its a whole love-hate paradox. Plank exercises do wonders for your abs, back, arms and even your legs... but many people hate them with a passion.

The Knee Drop Plank

In the standard front plank position from the forearms and elbows, just bend only from the knees until they tap the floor. Perform reps for one minute using slow and controlled movements. This can also be done in a side plank position.

The Twisting Plank

From the same starting position in front plank, focus on swiveling your hips from side to side. You are aiming your hip toward the floor (but not touching) and focusing the movement in obliques.

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