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Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead

In 2010 an Australian man named Joe Cross released a documentary film called "Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead". It is a remarkably well made film about a particular kind of diet that relies on eating vegetables and fruits every day for 10, 20 or 30 days in an effort to lose weight. It is basically a vegan juice diet, or as they call it in the film "a Juice Fast".

But the good news about this particular type of diet is that it does work. Guaranteed results as long as the person sticks to the diet. In the diet you only drink juice you made yourself (no store bought juice containing lots of added sugar) using a juicer machine and lots of veggies and fruits. The dieter can drink as much juice as they want, as long as it is from the juicer or from a company that makes fresh juice with no added sugar.

The film is available on DVD, Blu Ray, Netflix, YouTube and Bit Torrent. And probably a dozen other ways too.

However Juice Fasts are not for everyone. During the first week or so people will end up feeling sick and irritable because their body is detoxifying. Once that week is over however it is smooth sailing. Your body feels healthier, more energetic and you start dropping the pounds dramatically as your caveman genes takeover and you start using up stored fat as energy.

In the film Joe does a 60 day Juice Fast and convinces other people to try a juice fast in order to help them lose weight / improve their health.

Also please be advised you need to be eating a mix of veggies and fruits for the Juice Fast to work properly. You need the vegetables to provide a lot of the nutrients in your diet, whereas fruit is more fibre and has a lot less nutrients. Eating only fruit causes nutrient deficiencies that effects your inner organs and brain. (Fruitarians tend to go crazy after awhile because of lack of nutrients reaching their brain. So please, please DO NOT become a Fruitarian. Those people are crazy.)

Before going on a juice fast people should consult a doctor first to see if there is any health complications. People with weak hearts or who have heart attacks for example should not go on a juice fast, but they could still supplement / change their diet by including more fruit, veggies and juice in their diet.

Eating healthier is always going to end up better for your body. People don't have to do a juice fast to eat healthy, there are many other ways to improve their diet by eating other healthy food.

The message I hope people will get out of watching the Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead films is that they can eat healthy and get better. Juice Fasting is just one method of doing it.

The 2nd trailer below is for the sequel "Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead 2", in which the juice fest continues but more emphasis is placed on eating vegetables and less emphasis is on juice itself.

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