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Sunrise, Sunset, and Daily Weather Forecasts for Fair Weather Exercising

Are you one of those people who only enjoy exercising outdoors in the Summer when the weather is nice?

Well if you live in Toronto here are two handy links for determining when is the best times to schedule an outdoor workout.

14 Day Weather Forecast for Toronto

Hourly Weather Forecast for Toronto

This way you can plan ahead. And scheduling your workouts and exercise routine is a very handy way to make sure you keep exercising and stay motivated.

And some of you may only like to go jogging / etc while it is still light out, or right around dusk. In which case knowing what time the sun rises and sets in Toronto can also be helpful.

Toronto's Sunrise and Sunset for the Coming Week

I use both of the above links when scheduling outdoor workouts with clients and also boxing lessons and archery lessons.

Also handy for scheduling tennis games with friends, picnics in the park, the optimal time to walk the dog, the best time to go hiking in Don Valley or a walk along the beach or cycling near the University of Toronto.

Just remember that scheduling your workout increases the likelihood of actually doing your workout.

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