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The Benefits of Marching or Speed Walking

The Benefits of Marching or Speed Walking

#1. Burn more calories in less time.

#2. Activate muscles you use less often.

#3. Easy to do and build endurance.

#4. Builds speed and endurance significantly faster than walking.

#5. You can take your dog with you during your march / speed-walk.

#6. Hiking trips and hill climbs will feel a lot easier than they used to.

#7. Your endurance during other activities will be boosted.

#8. You don't need to dress up as much for a march or speed-walk. Just grab your shoes and go.
Comfortable walking shoes are best. You don't need special running shoes or hiking boots.

#9. You won't feel out of breathe - and you can carry on a conversation while walking.

#10. For extra fun try singing military marching songs.

I don't know what I've been told.
Marching in the winter isn't that cold.

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