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Why a Stopwatch is Important

If you don't have a personal trainer or an exercise partner who can time you, well then you should really consider getting a stopwatch for doing a variety of exercises - especially Interval Training.

Indeed. Some stopwatches are specifically made for Interval Training - one such stopwatch is the Gymboss Interval Timer which you can clip on to your belt during your workouts. You can also get stopwatches which has a light for early morning or late night running.

A stopwatch is a bit like your own little personal trainer, but without all the fancy motivational advice. Many people have the tendency to not push hard enough when working out at their own pace and they need more of a regimented approach to truly challenge themselves. They will complete a few sets of exercises, and then they wander around, and maybe looking into the mirror expecting to see some kind of instant results. Then they do another couple of sets, followed by writing a couple of text messages to friends...Well you get the idea. They're too relaxed and not really paying attention to their activity that much and sort of daydreaming about their end results.

Stopwatches can help put a stop to that (as fun as daydreaming is!) and take care of your mental focus, especially if you can set them on intervals. Here are some examples of how to use a stopwatch for a more intense workout:

Set your stopwatch to interval every 2 minutes and then 1 minute. The combinations will be endless. Think of the 2 minutes as intense exercise, and 1 for recovery / slowdown period.

Run 2 mins, abs 1 min
Lift weights 2 minutes, kick side to side or punch 1 min
Run 2 minutes, walk 1 min
As many push ups and crunches as you can do 2 mins, stretch 1 min
Weightlifting 2 mins, yoga 1 min

If your stopwatch doesn't do timed intervals, no problem! Use it for timed exercises such as planks, wall sits, pulsing lunges and for running up and down the stairs.

You can also use your stopwatch to time your workout exercises individual length, making sure you do each exercise for 1 minute. A 30 minute workout really adds up quickly, and since you will be racing against the clock each minute, it WILL be more intense.

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