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The Skinny on Walking your Way to Fitness

Can you do math?

Or even if you cannot, can you use a calculator?

What if I told you that you can lose weight simply by walking for so many minutes per day, every day, and that all you need is a calculator to figure out how much walking you need to do?

The beauty of this is walking is easy. Anyone with two working legs can lose weight through walking. Even if you have minor joint pain in your knees or ankles walking is likely your best solution for weight loss.

It is a common problem that many people who experience joint pain or pain in their legs to have difficulty doing harder cardio exercises like jogging, running, many kinds of sports. But walking can be a great solution for people who have minor joint pain and can still walk without any discomfort.

And you will be surprised how much weight a person can lose simply by walking 4 miles per day every day.

So how do you do this?


Google the words calorie calculator walking and then check out the wide variety of websites with free calculators which help you to calculate how many calories you can burn during a specific number of minutes of walking, with varying degrees of speed.


Fill out the fields in the calorie calculator and the amount of time you want to spend walking each day.

eg. Lets say you weigh 300 lbs currently and you want to walk for 60 minutes every day.

Note: It may give you multiple different speed options, such as 2 mph, 3 mph, or 4 mph. Any faster than those and you are jogging.


Press the calculate button on the page and find out how many calories you would burn.

eg. A 300 lb person would burn 378 calories walking at 2 mph, 594 calories walking at 3 mph or 702 calories walking at 4 mph.


Find a walking trail or route that you can walk near your home that is 2, 3 or 4 miles long.


Once you know how far you want to walk and the time you are willing to dedicate towards walking each day now you need to determine how many days you need to walk to burn the desired number of calories.

So for example if you want to lose 100 lbs of fat, you will need to burn 350,000 calories. (1 lb of fat is 3,500 calories.)

If you do the math that means that a 300 lb person who wants to lose 100 lbs of fat, they need to walk 4 miles every day for 500 days. (They will also want to eat more healthy during this time period too, drink more water and less soda, more whole grains, more vegetables, and more lean meat.)

I call it the "500 Day Road To Weight Loss"!

So yes, it would take 1.4 years to do, but it would be a life changing experience and isn't that what many people want? To change their life around and do something that changes their life for the better?


#1. Leave your watch behind. It is better if you lose track of time because you will burn more calories.

#2. Take your dog with you. They love the exercise anyway!

#3. Take your camera with you. More fun for you and extra weight to carry!

#4. Wear comfortable walking shoes.

#5. If hiking wear hiking boots instead for better grip, comfort and safety.

#6. Bring water with you.

#7. Bring a healthy snack with you, like an apple or grapes.

#8. Dress for the weather. eg. Bring a scarf, gloves and hat if it is cold out.

#9. If you don't encounter joint problems try walking a bit faster for fun.

#10. Pump your arms as you walk, the increased cardio movement burns calories more and keeps you warmer while you walk.

#11. Go on longer strolls / hikes whenever you go on vacation, to ravines, parks, urban hikes and discover parts of Toronto you have never been to.

#12. Bring a friend!

#13. Join a group of people that go on hikes regularly.

#14. Run errands on foot, such as walking to the post office or to the grocery store for small items.

#15. Take an umbrella if it is raining or try walking at home on a treadmill while watching TV.

#16. Take to the hills, an incline burns more calories faster because your legs are lifting you more.

#17. Get a walking pedometer that tells you how far you have walked. Use it to set goals for yourself.

#18. Use the time to think about what you want to do later, in your life, phone loved ones on your cellphone, listen to an audiobook or music.

#19. Practice good posture with your back as you walk. Don't slouch! Good posture is good for your back and prevents back pain, which can be a nuisance as you get older.

#20. Jump over puddles along the way. Makes it more fun!

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