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Causes and Cures for Chronic Back Pain

While many people experience back pain, chronic back pain is actually more like a sports injury like tennis elbow.

Why? Because often chronic back pain can be solved through proper form while lifting objects, more exercise, diet, sleeping positions and more.

Below is a list of causes for chronic back pain - and their solutions.

Years of poor posture

The Solution - Practice good posture when sitting, standing and even sleeping. For added benefits take up yoga to build stronger core muscles.

Improper lifting and carrying of heavy objects

The Solution - Practice proper form while lifting things (lift with your legs and your back straight), even when lifting small objects. When in doubt, let someone younger and fitter carry it for you. Wearing a back brace is also a smart idea to help prevent injury.

Even lifting small objects improperly can put a lot of strain on your back - unnecessary strain. So if you drop your toothbrush, bend over without thinking and pick it up improperly you can still hurt your back - not because of the weight of the toothbrush, but because of the weight of your upper body.

Being overweight, which puts excess strain on the back and knees

The Solution - Go for daily walks, cut back on the sweets, keep doing this until you attain your ideal weight. Also try swimming, cycling and other cardio exercises to help you lose weight.

Wearing high heels

The Solution - Stop wearing high heels. Wear flats with cushioning instead. Take up yoga to help correct muscle imbalances in your back.
Congenital condition such as curvature of the spine

The Solution - Seek medical treatment from a back / spinal specialist.

Traumatic injury (eg. car accident damaged your spine)

The Solution - Seek medical treatment from a back / spinal specialist.

Note: Sadly the above two can only be solved with the help of doctors and trained specialists.

Sleeping on a poor mattress

The Solution - Buy a better mattress that supports your back better. Research proper sleeping positions that won't damage your spine.

No obvious physical cause

The Solution - Experiment with different solutions above until you find something that works. I recommend starting with practicing good posture, taking up yoga and sleeping in better positions that are good for your back. Many people have poor posture / sleeping positions and don't realize it.

Ordinary aging of the spine (degenerative changes)

The Solution - Regular exercise and a healthy diet will keep you younger longer and give your spine more longevity. Walking, yoga, light weight lifting with proper form can all help you keep you feeling younger and build bone density.

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