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Cycling Season 2013

Well it is March 1st and that means Cycling Season is practically here!

If you are really looking forward to the summer months so you can go cycling, don't delay, today is the day! It's a fun and active way to burn calories and you can spend a day exploring the city and keeping fit. When it gets warmer you may even go on day trips outside of Toronto.

For myself cycling is my preferred method of transportation. I only take other forms of transportation when cycling is too impractical.

If you live in Toronto check the local bicycle trails online or get a cycling map from Toronto City Hall. The Toronto Public Library, community and civic centers also have hard copies of these maps in their locations.

Before going for a Cycling Adventure remember to do the following:

#1. Take your bike to a Toronto bicycle mechanic for a tune up and possibly get new brakes fitted. Or fix the bicycle yourself if you know how and burn some calories because fixing bicycles counts as exercise. :)

#2. Consider replacing the helmet (especially if it is getting old) or other safety equipment.

#3. Find your lock or buy a new bicycle lock. The heavier duty the better.

#4. If you have battery lights replace the batteries or lightbulbs.

#5. If you have mirrrors adjust the mirrors as they may have been bumped/moved over the winter, or purchase mirrors if you are the type of cyclist who likes having mirrors.

Have fun hitting the trails!

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