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How to Clean Boxing Gloves

Sooner or later if you are using your boxing gloves regularly they are going to start to smell pretty funky.

The quickest solution to this problem is to invest in some rubbing alcohol and some Febreze or Lysol Fabric Mist.

Using a dry cloth or a sponge, dab small amounts of the rubbing alcohol on to your boxing gloves and rub it around - inside and outside - to clean your boxing gloves. The rubbing alcohol will also kill any germs it comes in contact with - and will evaporate into the air without damaging your gloves.

Afterwards let your boxing gloves sit for 5 minutes and then spray inside and outside with the Febreze or Lysol - then rub your gloves all over again with the cloth or sponge.

Let the boxing gloves sit for half an hour, smell them to inspect for any further signs of funky sweat smells. If it smells good, no worries. If it still smells funky then you missed some spots. Repeat the process above and make sure you get the rubbing alcohol in every crack and crevice.

More Tips for Cleaning Your Boxing Gloves! (And keeping them clean!)

#1. Put them inside a plastic bag and put them in the freezer overnight - or even 1 to 2 days if you aren't planning to use your gloves any time soon. The extreme cold will kill most of the germs.

#2. If you don't have rubbing alcohol handy you can wash the gloves with brine (salt water) using a cloth or sponge.

#3. Wash with soapy water (preferably anti bacteria soap) and then dry with a towel. Let dry in a warm area (but not hot!). Make sure they are completely dry before using again.

#4. Spray inside the gloves with an Anti Bacterial Mist.

#5. When storing your boxing gloves leave them in an open container. Putting them inside a gym bag and zippering it closed is a sure way to let the bacteria grow in a closed environment.

#6. Crumble up newspaper and put the newspaper inside your boxing gloves when you are not using them. The newspaper will absorb moisture, germs and the funky smells. Replace the newspaper each time you use the gloves.

#7. Wash your hands with soap before using the gloves.

#8. NEVER use a clothing dryer to dry your boxing gloves. A hair dryer at a decent distance would be okay however.

#9. Avoid soaking your boxing gloves in water or putting them near heat sources if they are made of leather.

#10. Avoid going overboard with the anti bacterial soaps. They can damage your gloves. Just a little bit will do.

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