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Make Your Family Eat More Veggies

New Ways to Make Your Family Eat More Veggies

Guest Post by Zara

We know how useful vegetables are, it’s very obvious! But equally obvious is the fact that how much we hate eating it at least our families. Many families do not consume the quantity and variety of veggies which they need to, on a daily basis. But though we hate it, we need to get it into our system to derive its health benefits. It is better to add them in our daily diet to enjoy great health and it is preferable to maintain the nutrients of veggies and greens to the maximum.

The following are some methods to help our family indulge and binge on vegetables:

Not eating veggies directly: The biggest challenge is to make kids eat more veggies. According to some
researches, kids take around 10–15 trials to learn about a new flavour and appreciate it. So you need to be persistent in your efforts in trying to make your kid at least taste it, so that their taste buds adapt that veggie.

The best way to make your kid eat veggies is by including it in a burger, his favourite snack, favourite drink or by combining with regular meals. Cleverly using it in gravies or curries, you can avoid it being easily spotted by your kid. There are vegetables which really taste good, so you can start with those and slowly make them eat the less tasty ones.

Growing vegetables in your backyard or a farm is a good strategy to get fresh supply of vegetables and fruits.

The technique of eating fresh vegetables: This includes the above-mentioned point, i.e., growing your
veggies. You can further the process by involving family members in the choosing the food they want to cook. This way not only kids but also other members would develop an interest to enjoy as a family..

The most important benefit is that you can use organic manure and pesticides for the plants which means that you will also be sure of no chemical interference in your veggies, and can be eaten generously without any hesitation. Pave way to organic food!

Know your veggies: Every vegetable has its nutritional value which is known to cure several ailments and
sickness. You can do a bit of research to find out the veggies which can be helpful to strengthen the appetite and health of your family. Each family has its own medical history. For example, if your family members are genetically prone to obesity, you can choose vegetables which can help you fight the same or if you have some other common ailments like hypertension and diabetes running in your family, choose veggies which can combat the same.

The question arises on why do we need to research? Can’t we just eat any veggies? Every vegetable is good for health in some way. The answer is you can eat all kinds of veggies but eating the ones which might help you fight your ailment is better for a better health.

Dramatize the situation! - Well how many of us as kids started eating more and more spinach after watching Popeye gulp that can of it and flex those flexible muscles. That’s what video and audio visuals can do, and not just kids but also it leaves a permanent impression on the minds of adults which is technically called photographic memory.

The kids can be lured into indulging into veggies by creating some make-believe stories of how eating
vegetables can make them ‘grow’ faster or make them smarter and stronger. You can just create a comic
sketch of how after eating veggies a hero becomes a superhero.

The grown-ups can be a little tricky to convince, they don’t fall for superheroes and stuff what they look for in a food is the taste. Then the best thing to do is to give them what they desire any and every vegetable can be made tasty, it all depends on the chef and the recipe used. There are a zillion ways to make any vegetable look appealing and taste good.

Use the internet and adopt strategies to help you out. Baked or grilled ones will also do to get it into your

Maintaining the balance: Eating veggies is good but just stuffing your diet with just one or two vegetables
and fruit will certainly do no good Yes, indulging in a variety of other veggies is not bad idea but a hint that exploring other vegetables can protect your health from those unhealthy foods and replenish your immune system.

About the Guest Poster

Zara is a blogger who writes on various subjects like health-related issues to reviews on latest
gadgets and apps. Right now she is working on articles related to instant ppi claims.

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