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Great Ways To Overcome Workout Laziness

Guest Post by Erica Fleming - March 2nd 2019.

Training is always good and useful for you. Thanks to regular exercises you can get a good physical shape, cope with depression, improve sleep, mood, and indeed, prolong the youth of the body. In practice, it has been proven that fitness classes are not only beneficial for the figure but also help to give up bad habits (smoking, alcohol abuse), adjust diet and lead a healthy lifestyle.

Fitness for women allows them to quickly recover from childbirth and avoid the development of postpartum depression. For men's health, regular exercise also benefits; it is an excellent prevention of non-specific prostatitis, stagnation in the pelvic organs and erectile dysfunction.

We all understand and know these benefits, we all know that we need to be engaged on a regular basis and do not miss training. But sometimes it’s just laziness ... Especially in autumn or winter. After all, this time is the laziest. The sun is not enough, most of the day is dark, it is cold outside, and the body, besides its usual expenses, spends its energy on keeping warm. And how often, coming home after work, everything is needed to turn on the TV, read a good book with the cup of tea and cookies... But not to go into a fitness center to do sports. And it does not matter that the subscription is purchased for several months in advance.

Experts note that in the cold period of the year, many clients of the fitness centers decrease their activity. In addition to the reasons already listed, the motivation to go in for sports is lost in winter frosts; after all, people walk in warm clothes and do not show their figure to anyone. Motivation returns sharply in spring and closer to summer. But, as a rule, this time is not enough to bring the body into shape.

But what to do to overcome this laziness and motivate yourself to act?

Here are the top 10 proven ways to get rid of laziness:

1. Create a list of benefits

Think about why it is needed to lose weight: to become stronger, hardier, faster, gain muscle mass, lose weight, increase flexibility and coordination of movements, increase the speed of reaction, accustom yourself to hard work and patience, or perhaps something else? Take a piece of paper, a pen and write down the list of benefits that is possible to get from workouts. Looking through notes can help to feel responsible for actions. Besides the fact that it helps to put thoughts in order, there is some magic; the recorded goals are executed more often than those that were not recorded.

2. Hire a coach or personal trainer

It is very important to have a professional coach or certified personal trainer who simply forbids being lazy at the right time and corrects all actions. But there is another side to the medal: economic. Athletes involved with a coach, often go to the gym. The fact is that a prepaid training does not give a chance to pass by the fitness center. Lost money scares people more than laziness.

3. Divide the elephant into pieces

Often laziness is not only a lack of motivation but also a hidden fear that something might not work out since it was taken on a too complex task. For example, lose weight by 30 kg per month. Naturally, without damage to health, it is simply impossible and such tasks can be pretty scary. Therefore, it is easier for your psyche to make you lie down on a sofa or eat another portion of your favorite dessert. Therefore, the goal should be divided into several parts. For example, set a goal of 4 kg per month. Doesn't it sound so scary? And 4 kg per month is clearly better than zero. Therefore, concentrate on small goals, not big ones.

4. Change the type of activity

If the power training is already bored to the edge, find out what other activities your club provides. Go to yoga, Pilates, Tae Bo, spin the pedals of the exercise bike in the end! The more interests we have with the club, the more willing we will be to visit it. And as soon as favorite activities and instructors appear, motivation to go to the gym increases. Starting a workout will be a welcome time in the schedule.

5. Planning is a key

For all this, it is needed a well thought-out plan and a competent training program. Also, a very useful thing will be keeping a diary, where at each workout it can be recorded all results. This is the most effective way for this situation.

The coach can be asked to help make up a training plan, and also it is possible to make it without any help. It can be a long-term plan for a month, for three months, six months, a year. The main thing is that everything should be planned in detail.

6. Visualize the final result

Often, to achieve goals, people practice visualization. This is the creation in the imagination of images of the desired reality. If a goal is to lose weight, it makes sense to transfer thoughts mentally to the future when the goal is achieved and present yourself the way you want to see yourself. That is, imagining ourselves slim, we figuratively draw a picture in our head, and then it’s all for the all-powerful subconscious. The main condition for the effectiveness of visualization is complete relaxation. Suppose that at this moment all matters will fade into the background, and close people will allow you to be alone with yourself.

7. Just do it

Just start, the appetite will come with eating. Action without thoughts is the best motivator, regardless of mood, desire, weather conditions. The only thing that will be needed is some effort at the start. But in 10-15 minutes you are already sufficiently immersed in the activity. Begin training through strength, and in the third exercise, it will be forgotten about any laziness. Moreover, after training session, it will be guaranteed a great mood and a desire to return as soon as possible.

8. Go to the gym at another time

There are people who are dependent on different phases of the moon and the sun. Especially for these guys, clubs create flexible visit system – it is possible to come whenever you want. Though early in the morning, at least late at night. This is not a problem at all. The main thing is that the visits are really regular and lined up in a more or less efficient system.

9. Download new music

To fill up the playlist with new cool songs is a good move for additional motivation. After all, it is no longer news that those who train to the music are engaged longer and more actively than those who prefer to swing in silence, with the clank of iron. Also, scientists have found that music can serve as a natural painkiller and helps move more actively. Since listening to music while exercising contributes to the development of positive chemicals in the brain, such as dopamine and opioids - which improves mood, dulls pain and reduces fatigue.

10. Find company and friends

More fun to do together. It is a fact. When we go to the gym not alone, we are better motivated to exercise. Here, you should add your best friend to the classes and inspire him or her with the idea that together you will overcome all the trials of weight loss. If no one wants to go it makes sense to meet someone directly in the hall. Communicate with others involved, share your results, ask about the achievements of others. Act! And elastic belly and beautiful muscles you are guaranteed.

Guest Poster Biogrsaphy

My name is Erica Fleming. I support the effective adoption of new technologies or ways of working within writing by communicating complex information in an informative and inspiring way. You can access my works at I’m fond of writing articles for students, helping with essays.

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