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10 Ways to Practice Parkour in your Backyard or Local Park

Parkour is an unusual sport/activity, but just because it is unusual doesn't mean that your Average Joe couldn't practice it and eventually get good at it.

Here are 10 Exercises for Parkour Training that people can do in their backyard or local public park. For fun and/or for exercise. If after a while you feel confident about your skills you might join a club/group of people that practice parkour together.

Remember, safety is paramount when practicing parkour. Start with basic movements and progress gradually as you gain skill and confidence. Always ensure the environment is suitable and free of hazards before attempting any advanced parkour techniques.

  1. Precision Jumps: Set up markers or objects of varying distances and heights to practice precise jumping and landing techniques.

  2. Vaults: Use sturdy objects like benches, picnic tables, or low walls to practice different types of vaults, such as the lazy vault, speed vault, or kong vault.

  3. Wall Runs: Find a sturdy wall or fence and practice running towards it, planting one foot on the wall, and pushing off to gain height or distance.

  4. Tic-Tacs: Look for walls or structures with angles and practice using them to redirect your momentum by jumping off one surface and pushing off to reach another.

  5. Balance Training: Set up a balance beam or use fallen tree branches in your backyard to work on improving your balance and stability.

  6. Precision Landings: Find elevated surfaces like walls, railings, or ledges of different heights and practice landing on them with control and accuracy.

  7. Cat Leaps: Look for gaps between structures or objects and practice jumping and landing with both hands on the edge, pulling yourself up to simulate a cat-like movement.

  8. Quadrupedal Movement: Incorporate animal-like movements such as crawling, climbing, and jumping on all fours to improve agility and body coordination.

  9. Plyometric Exercises: Incorporate explosive movements like box jumps, tuck jumps, or burpees to enhance your power and overall athleticism.

  10. Conditioning Drills: Perform conditioning exercises like sprints, push-ups, pull-ups, and squats to improve your overall strength and endurance, which are essential for parkour.

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