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Fun Archery Activities for Summer Cottaging

Looking for something fun to do this summer at the cottage? Take your archery equipment with you and do some of the following:

  1. Archery Competitions: Organize friendly archery competitions among friends and family. You can set up different challenges such as target shooting at various distances, shooting games like "Balloon Pop" or "Bow Tic-Tac-Toe," or even a traditional archery tournament with scoring rounds.

  2. 3D Archery Course: Set up a 3D archery course around the cottage property or nearby woods. Use 3D animal targets to simulate hunting scenarios and practice shooting from different angles and distances.

  3. Archery Tag: Play a game of archery tag, where participants use bows and foam-tipped arrows to tag opponents. It's a thrilling and active way to enjoy archery with a competitive edge.

  4. Archery Scavenger Hunt: Create an archery-themed scavenger hunt with targets hidden around the cottage area. Participants must locate and shoot each target to uncover clues or win prizes.

  5. Nighttime Glow Archery: Use glow-in-the-dark arrows and targets to play archery games after dark. Set up a safe shooting range illuminated by torches or LED lights for a unique and exciting experience.

  6. Archery Skill Challenges: Design various skill challenges to test archery abilities such as shooting accuracy, speed, and precision. Examples include shooting at moving targets, shooting balloons while blindfolded, or hitting specific targets under time pressure.

  7. Archery Crafting Workshops: Get creative with archery-themed crafting workshops. Make your own custom arrows, design leather quivers or arm guards, or decorate bows with paint or carving techniques.

  8. Bow Making Demonstrations: If you have the skills and resources, demonstrate the art of bow making to interested participants. Show how to carve bows from wood or craft traditional bows using natural materials.

  9. Archery Storytelling: Gather around the campfire and share stories and legends related to archery and hunting. Explore the historical significance of archery in different cultures or recount personal experiences and memorable moments from past archery adventures.


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