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Start Bodybuilding by becoming a Guru

If you want to add lots of muscle to your frame you're going to need to start with the basics... Researching Bodybuilding Techniques!

You need to become a guru on the topic. To be fair you are probably starting off as a complete novice, so you need all the advice you can get.

So the best tip I can give you if want to Do-It-Yourself is to visit your local library and start checking out books on bodybuilding.

This way you get access to the books and they don't cost you a cent. If you go to bookstores and buy all of these books its going to cost you a lot of moolah... And some of the books might be complete nonsense and not very helpful.

So if you start off with your local library you can get a lot of information in a hurry without it costing you a cent.

So yeah, worth the walk to the library. Or better yet, jog there.

The books I am currently reading this month are:

Arnold's Bodybuilding for Men (Arnold Schwarzenegger)
The Composite Guide to Bodybuilding (Mary Hughes)
The Incredible Lou Ferrigno (Lou Ferrigno)
Beginning Bodybuilding : Real Muscle / Real Fast (John R. Little)
Natural Bodybuilding (John Hansen)

But to be fair there are plenty of other books out there for you to choose from. The Toronto Public Library has 173 books just on the topic of bodybuilding.

Another thing you should do, in addition to research, is to get a complete physical with your family doctor.

Then make a point of asking if they have any words of caution regarding bodybuilding and the kind of stress you will be putting your body through. Ask about protein supplements, muscle relaxants / painkillers, Creatine, common sports injuries and if you have any health concerns.

Remember no pain no gain... so it doesn't hurt to learn more about muscle relaxers.

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