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How to Control Binge Eating

Guest Post by Chrissy Cee


Is there any chance you might give advice to someone so severely needing a how to control binge eating? I have suffered several years now and I am desperate to defeat it.

The problems tend to arise when I am alone mainly but sometimes also occurs when I am stressed. I think it is trying to numb the boredom and discomfort of being alone.

I have dropped a few pounds twice however each time I've returned to the binge eating ways. I truly really want this gone permanently. Please help.


I used to do the very same, my binge symptoms were mainly at night when I was alone. The biggest issues that helped me to conquering doing that is planning, visualizing, and distracting.

As far as planning, I'd prepare my meals and snacks the day prior to so that I knew I'd eat healthy. Sometimes a binge would happen whenever I had a powerful desire of craving for food because I hadn't had food in a extensive time (5-6 hrs or even more). Now I made sure I eat at the very least some thing every three hours. This assists me to eat 5-6 little meals throughout the day instead of 2-3 big meals.

Visualizing has been the largest motivator for me personally. Just picture yourself on an every day basis feeling and seeing yourself in your mind as already thin in your everyday clothes. You might not be presently there yet however it is incredible how should you retain believing that you're slim, the mind will automatically focus on means of getting there and becoming that image. Your mind is really powerful in so many ways.

One other way I personally use the strength of visualizing is saying how I want a certain event to be. As an example, I had difficulty during the night having the ability to manage my eating habits. So on my way home, while driving, I'd create in your mind walking in the door to my home, drinking plenty of water, washing up, and laying down for bed to chill out.

I additionally make use of visualizing when I go to places where there will be a large amount of food like parties. I'll visualize beforehand eating slowly and gradually and eating only little servings. You'll be amazed at your self-control whenever you try this strategy. I still use this technique almost everyday, for example even before I eat lunch with my co-workers, I quickly visualize eating slowly and enjoying a little meal.

The last thing I use is distraction. If I'm bored and feel the need to eat food when I know I'm not truly that famished I'll go play a game on my computer, watch a movie, call or text a friend, read a magazine, take a stroll or something that will keep me occupied and keep my mind off food. If it's been 20 minutes and I'm still thinking of food I will visualize just enjoying a little treat then allow myself have it. Additionally I see ending after I enjoy that small treat and not permitting myself binge.

I had lots of other approaches that I have in my program, but I think these 3 are best to begin with and can have the most significant influence according to what you said was causing the binge eating.

I have another training I would like you to definitely try for the following fourteen days starting right now. I actually do this everyday anI do this everyday and it has worked best in finding out how to control binge eating and it's been researched upon thousands of people to be the best way to bring your desired goals into actuality.

Every Day for the Next 14 Days:

1) Put in writing on a piece of paper your key goal as if it's already real.

For instance, I jot down: I weigh 118 lbs. I feel so slim and love the way I feel in my clothes. I eat small meals during the day and exercise 5 times per week for at least twenty minutes.

Be sure to state your ultimate goal in the positive. As an example don't put in writing such things as "I wish to stop binge eating" (binge eating is negative. For instance do not write down things like "I want to stop binge eating" (binge eating is negative), or "I'm not fat anymore" (fat is also bad).

Also I imagine myself every morning and every night being my ideal weight.

I wish you the best of luck and make sure you let me know how the 14 day challenge goes!

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