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Cool Ways to Beat the Summer Heat

Toronto gets really HOT in the summer! The sun, the humidity from the lake and the constant lack of rain often makes many people feel sluggish, and not exactly pumped for a sweaty workout in the intense heat.

The same thing applies when you go on vacation somewhere really hot and realize its way too hot to exercise during the day.

So if you're looking for summer alternatives to exercises that won't leave you feeling (and looking) like a burnt raisin, try the following exercises:

Three Summer Workouts to Stay Cool

1. Public Pools

In Toronto, outdoor public pools are free, and when it's extremely hot they are open until 11pm. Swimming is a fantastic full body workout that combines cardio and strength. A swim is a great way to cool down, and with the extended hours, a dip in the pool after work or even before bed is a cool way to fit in activity this summer.

Or get a membership at a gym (or the YMCA) so you can access their pools.

2. Evening or Early Morning Workouts

When the sun goes down cycling, walking, jogging and even yoga are exercises that can be safely performed in the summer. Doing anything physical in the late morning or afternoon is not recommended. Not only is that the hottest time of the day, but it's also when the sun's UV rays are at their most dangerous levels. Try and evening workout to unwind and work off the stress from the day.

If you're a morning person you can also do early morning workouts before the sun is fully up.

3. Air Conditioned Classes

Maybe it's time to try out a class in an air conditioned studio. Even if it is only once a week dancing, martial arts, yoga and fitness classes are an effective way to beat the heat and achieve fitness goals. This also offers the opportunity to try something new, that has always been on the, "to-do" list.

Always remember to stay hydrated and stop exercising if you feel faint or nauseated.

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