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The Benefits of Running Outdoors

If running outdoors is good enough for horses, cheetahs and other animals what makes us think the gym treadmill is so much better?

Because of air conditioning?


Get off the treadmill and get outside, and discover the hidden benefits of running and jogging outside!

#1. Fresh Air and Sunshine is a Natural Painkiller

Its true. Fresh air and Vitamin D from the sun acts as a natural painkiller, causing you feel less pain while running and jogging and allowing you to run harder and faster by naturally boosting your endurance.

#2. Varied Terrain

Running on different terrain is great for hitting muscles in different ways. Even better if you live near a beach and can run across sand and/or the boardwalk. Pound the pavement, grass, sand, wooden boardwalk and a hilly ravine and you will discover the differences it takes to go across uneven ground and different surfaces. Going uphill works the quads, sand sprints focuses on the hamstrings and sticking to the grass is easier on the overall impact of the run. This makes running outside better for toning and firming your leg muscles.

#3. More Jumping

You never jump while on a treadmill. Its more of a lazy stride that is regulated by the size of the treadmill itself and your fear of kicking the treadmill. Outside you can run and jump and you jump without even realizing it in the process of running. Jumping exercises the legs more like weightlifting and provides a better - deeper muscle - workout.

#4. It's More Progressive

Running on the treadmill installs somewhat of a psychological barrier. Seeing how fast you are running in a way, limits how fast you will run because it creates a fear factor. Most people won't run certain higher speeds on the treadmill because seeing that speed is intimidating, and they are a little afraid of falling off. And its so loud, the sound of your feet stomping on the treadmill constantly that it becomes bothersome. Running really fast outside in a park or on the beach doesn't make you feel like you're overdoing it, and a light jog doesn't feel like wussing out! And you certainly don't notice the noise so much either.

#5. Nobody Watching You

There are a lot of creepy guys at the gym sometimes and if you are a woman this can really decrease your comfort level. You half expect them to follow you home from the gym and peep at you, becoming all Crazy Joe Davola stalker like. Outdoors the only people who might notice you and be tempted to follow you is people who can actually keep up with you, which will be be comparatively few if you're fleet on your feet. And chasing a female jogger down the street is a sure way to get yourself noticed and arrested.

#6. Most Athletes Train Outdoors

And the reason is because they know the benefits of running and jogging outdoors. Given the option they train outside all the time, sometimes even in the wet and cold. Some sports, like Olympic wrestling, don't really work that well outdoors, but other sports like shot-put which could be done indoors is still practiced outdoors.

#7. It's Refreshing

Nothing is nicer than a run on a warm and sunny day. It's refreshing and revitalizing in ways that words cannot accurately articulate. Even better, a nice long run on a weekend morning, and you have already completed a workout, and ready to enjoy the day.

The treadmill really comes in handy when you want to run at 5am, or immediately jump to the weights before or after at the gym. Running outside is more challenging, better for firming and offers much more interesting scenery. If you run exclusively on the treadmill, try getting out once a week. It will be a change of pace that you may find easy to get used to!

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