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Christmas Diet Tips

#1. Try to eat a variety of everything, especially the veggies.

#2. Turkey is good for you. Its packed with protein, just don't eat the skin and fat. If you’re going to use the meat juices to make the gravy, drain off any fat first.

#3. Make your own Egg Nog - Store bought eggnog is mostly water and sugar. Don't believe me? Read the label.

#4. When mixing alcoholic drinks aim for low calorie versions or healthy choices. eg. My favourite is Peach Schnapps and Cranberry Juice.

#5. Avoid beer and cider - they're full of calories. Aim for red wines for the anti-oxidants.

#6. Enjoy a nibble of chocolate every so often - don't eat the whole plate of cookies all at once.

#7. Try to balance the more sugary foods with healthier alternatives. Citrus fruits and melons are awesome!

#8. Watermelon baby, watermelon! Who doesn't love watermelon?

#9. On Christmas morning make whole wheat pancakes - goes great with peanut butter and raspberry jam.

#10. Avoid breads when you can, especially white bread. Aim for healthier whole grain choices.

#11. When you have leftover turkey make your sandwiches using whole grain bread. Tis healthier!

#12. Don't feel guilty about eating more during the holiday season. Your New Years Resolutions are just around the corner... Bookmark Cardio Trek and come back on January 1st to see our New Years Resolutions advice.

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