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Liven Up Your Workout

Here is 5 ways to Liven Up Your Workout!

#1. Try Adrenaline High Weight Loss

Why? Because doing something scary like mountain climbing (or rock climbing inside with a harness) is both fun and the adrenaline kickstarts a huge energy burn.

#2. Take Up a Competitive Sport

It doesn't have to be anything special or super competitive. Just road hockey is still competitive because its you vs them.

#3. Hire a Personal Trainer

A personal trainer (*cough* like me, if you live in Toronto) can help make your daily workout more interesting by giving you additional challenges.

#4. Browse Exercise Blogs, Magazines and Books

Find new ways to spice up your exercise routine with a variety of different exercises.

#5. Try a New Activity with a Friend

Take up archery, boxing, swimming, ice skating or something you've never done before. Eg. White water rafting.

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